Coaching institutes in India is increasing at a tremendous rate, so today i am uploading a post –why these are increasing in our country, who is responsible for it our Govt., education system, competition in market. This may be a discussion topic in your SSB Interview and my be assigned you in your lecturette Topic.
Coaching Institutes are increasing in our country. Is itbecause of? (a)   Thought competitive examination or(b)  Lack of proper guidance in schools and collegesor that(c)   Education has now become a business

A) Tough competition in the Examinations

     Call it a case of sleeping with enemy. While schools and coaching classes are known for their mutual animosity, a number of schools in Delhi and the suburbs have tied up with professional coaching institutions and invited them into the classroom. The logic is simple. Instead of children wasting time shuttling between schools and coaching classes, the two are soon on the same campus. While schools train children for CBSE, the coaching class trains them for competitive exams. For three days of the week, we coaching children and on three other days, schools teachers cover the regular CBSE syllabus, Earlier, there would be a duplication of effort, whereas with the integrated model of teaching, both school teachers and those from the coaching class work together to ensure there is no overlap.
          Even the admission to colleges of repute, for conventional or professional / vocational training, is becoming a nightmare for the students and parents alike due to the ever increasing number of students and limited number of vacancies available, at these prestigious institutions, generate a very tough competition among desiring candidates to emerge the winner.
          Young people prefer to take up a career which will give them security, status, power and recognition in society.  They, therefore, like to join either government central Administrative Cadres, like IAS and allied services, commission in the multinational companies. All these require qualifying through a very tough competition as vacancies are limited and the number aspiring to join is very large combined with the fact that selection is on merit and very stringent standards are laid down to select the best.
          To filter in the best the emphasis is on elimination of the undesirable. This is done by laying down minimum cut-out marks for admission to the education institutions, or screening through preliminary examination as for IAS and allied services or at SSB for commission in the armed forces. All this puts a lot of pressure on the candidate to do his best at all stages of the competition if he or she wishes to emerge as the winner.

B) Lack of proper guidance at Schools and Colleges

With government Schools in a shambles, the middle class is at the mercy of private schools that have mastered corporate ways. Yes, they offer decent education – with frills and the assurance of brands – but their whimsical fees are driving parents to despair. There is, however, a segment of parents who believes that the children do not get personal attention at school and so they have to go in for private tuition. Coaching classes have more competent faculty and a more child-centric approach to education. This is why bright children want to take coaching.
       Schools and colleges are interested in finishing the syllabus in the required time. There is little effort to check the assimilation level of students by the teachers.
      A very large number of students per class makes it very difficult for teacher to pay attention to each student for progress made by him.
       Institutions rely more upon parents to guide and coach their wards in their studies. This is difficult to achieve especially when both the parents are working and have little energy left at the end of the day to help their children in their studies. Besides, the parents may have the time but not the knowledge of the subjects their children are studying. E.g., a chartered accountant, well qualified in his profession, may not know how to teach science to his child.
       Teacher in a large number of schools colleges are not motivated to teach. Teaching, for them, is only a way of earning their bread and butter. There is no incentive for them, if their students do well in examinations. At times the teachers are not paid even their salaries for months on end, as in the case of Bihar. To survive they resort to taking tuitions. The standard, therefore, deteriorates.

C) Education has become a business

 While parents have long accused schools of profiteering, schools, on the other hand, say they need money to run, and that parents cannot expect world-classes facilities without paying for them. parents are actually paying for an external frills such as swimming pools and air-conditioned classrooms, while the quality of education remains poor. What parents are paying for is the brand. Parents who demand world-class education must realize that there is a price tag attached. In any school, over 70% of tuition fee goes on teacher’ salaries. School also spend a huge amount on electricity and water.Technology is extensively used in teaching and administration. Students have access to robotic laboratories and languages labs.
    A very large number of coaching academies have sprung up to coach boys and girls in their desired sphere of competition. To open an academy you need infrastructure like building, fitments, training aids and competent professional faculty. All this  costs money. It will be a poor business if the proprietor did not make a reasonable amount of profit from it for himself. And we should not grudge him that. He is doing what others, that is, the schools and the parents have failed to do for their wards to realize their dreams.
Faculty in coaching institutions are dedicated lot. The survival of the academy rests on the results produced. More number of students clearing competitions ensures a brand name of rather institute and its survivability in the market.
The academies spent lot of effort to ensure good assimilation by individual student by keeping a constant watch on the progress made by each. To guide the weak they devise new methods of teaching and spare extra effort. If statistics are collected for all competitive examinations the results will speak in favor of the coaching academies.
These institutions flourish because they have tie-up with the universities and , therefore, are able to help the students in passing the examinations. They even buy question papers and get them solved by their students a day in advance of the examination on payment of hefty sum to the tune of lakhs. A number of scams regarding leakage and sale of question papers for engineering and medical examinations stand testimony to the fact that education is becoming a business both for those who run the academies and the persons connected with education department.
Teachers prefer to conduct private tuition than conduct classes honestly in the schools, because there is more money in this. This surely is business.
Politicians have a major stake in all education institutions and no politicians will work for free. They too are there for business.
It can be said that no one factor is responsible for mushrooming of coaching academies. All the above are contributing towards it.
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