Guys I am putting this post to make you clear about thefollowing points- what is pilot Aptitude Battery Test(PABT) for Flying cadre,how the PABT is conducted, General Instructions for PABT-Pilot Aptitude BatteryTest, And Phases of Pilot Aptitude Battery Test.


                Thepilot Aptitude Battery Test is conducted once in a life time and those studentswho have aptitude and recommended to undergo the flying training. The testconducted is very simple and does not require special acumen, since the studentsare nowadays computer savvy and can handle the instruments effectively. Thetest comprises theoretical questions pertaining to Air Craft, Speed, Direction,Altitude, Pressure, etc. which are explained explicitly by the conductionofficer before commencement of the test. The practical test is also conductedin the similar fashion as enumerated below. The students should listen to theinstructor very carefully and watch the body movements at the time ofexplanation of the test. In the technical parlance, the test is conducted intwo phases generally known as INS-A, INS-B and Machine Test. The students whoqualify the written portion are subjected to the practical stage immediatelythereafter. Those students who fail to qualify initially are not alloweded toparticipate further in PABT. The students are advised to remain vigilant andexercise utmost care while listening to instructor and performing over thetest. The pass percentage is quite high and should not get alarm about thetest.


1.      There are 75 questions approximately and theseare divided into 2 sets. First set is of 15 questions and the time given is 8minutes approximately and the second set is endorsed in a booklet depictingdifferent type of meters. Candidates are supposed to access the position of theAircraft and coincide with the readings on the meters. There are five metersand the students should generally match the speed, direction and aptitude toget correct solution. The meters are as under-a.      Compass – It has eight directions i.e., North,East, south, west, north-Easy, North-West, South-East, South-West.b.     Altimeter – gives the height of aircraftc.      Speedometer – gives the speed of aircraftd.     Horizon meter- in this meter there is a needlein the center with readings on both sides. When the plane turns left needleover right and when the plane curves the needle moves left.


                Thereis a horizontal line in the center called line of horizon, and a small aircraftlike figure is depicted. When the figure of the aircraft is below the line ofthe plane, the plane is in diving position, and when the figure is above theline of the axis the plane is in the climbing position. Else the plane is goingin a straight line.


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