Aspirants i have uploaded the introduction of Situation Reaction Test and few examples of SRT in my previous post. If you are reading this first time then please go threw my previous post of Tips and Introduction of Situation Reaction Test in SSB. Here i am uploading 40 SRT for practice & more SRT Practice sets will be uploaded in my next post.


Q.14. Which returning from market, three persons with knifestop him and ask him to handover his valuable possessions. He…Ans. Tries to give resistance, if not, telephonically getsin touch with police helpline, gives the general direction of the three personsand tries to help the police in nabbing the culprits.Q.15. While patrolling at unit man gate, a terrorist firedat his leg and bleeding started badly and he is snatching his rifle. He…Ans. Raise and alarm, use his weapon in self-defence, overpower the terrorist, catch and nab him and hand him over the authorities.Q.16. While on leave he heard radio and announcement aboutoutbreak of WAR. He…Ans. Immediately gets in touch with the unit, takes thetrain, reaches his regimental headquarters and performs his best in the war.Q.17. In field area, he was short of manpower; one of hisjawans asks for the leave on wrong excuse which he knows is false. He…Ans. investigates the matter, if the excuse of the jawan isfabricated, takes disciplinary action against the person.Q.18. He is already late to complete his task. His colleguesrefund to co-operate with him. He…Ans. Learns more about the task from his sunordinates,complete the assigned task to the best of his ability.Q.19. While returning from picnic, it starts getting darkand he has lost his way. He…Ans. Tries to check his location with the help of thelocals/direction finding through stars/prismatic compass and tries to re-locatehis direction and join the group.Q.20. When his Boss does not agree with his views. He…Ans. Reviews his point more judicially and gives moreconvincing answers to his boss to satisfy him.Q.21. He works hard because…Ans. Believes in zero error syndrome, sustained effort andsuccess in any field of work.Q.22. he considers that the most important thing in theworld is…Ans. Develop professional competence honesty loyaltyintegrity and sustained effort.Q.23. He receives an order from your CO to do certain work,but he feels that he CO’s approach is wrong. He…Ans. Completes the assigned as given by the commandingofficer and tries to convey his point of view politely if considered.Q.24.While travelling in a train, he came to know thatsomeone has picked his pocket. He…Ans. Try to alert the people, carry out a surprise check ofthe people and lodge an FIR with the police boarding down the train.Q.25. Due to financial difficulties, his parents find itdifficult to give him fISrther education. He…Ans. Take of part time job during day, continue his eveningclasses, give financial support to his parents and work towards hisprofessional competence simultaneously.Q.26. While he is waiting for a bus, an accident took placein front him. He… Ans. Notes down thetelephone no.  Informs the policetelephonically, arranges first aid medication and hospitalization of thedeceased person and inform their relatives and friends.Q.27. He went on a mountain expedition which was a failureand of your friends died in the attempt. He…Ans. Learns to know the correct art of mountain expeditionthrough sustained practical guidance and climbing operations and ensure successin the subsequent mountain expedition.Q.28. He felt that the work he is presently engaged isuseless. He…Ans. Tries to develop interest in the job, take the job moreseriously and enjoy the work. Q.29. His friend lost his job and intofinancial difficulties. He…Ans. Helps his friend to the bestof his ability by giving financial and moral support and see that his friendrecover from the loss.Q.30. O finding that you areloosing the ground in a discussion with your opponent. He…Ans. Gives his point of view withmore logic and depth and convinces the group during the discussion.Q.31. In his office staff is notworking efficiently. He…Ans. Motivates the staff by givingessentials of hard work, builds the staff both morally and socially and ensurethat the staff working and efficiently.Q.32. He finds a task which isdifficult. He…Ans. Tries to know more of thetask through the colleagues and his subordinates, completes assigned task tothe best of his knowledge and competence.Q.33. His plan had failed in thevery beginning. He…Ans. Dies not get discouraged,make a detailed plan all over again and succeed in the mission.Q.34. He is at home and dacoitshave reached at his apartment and started looting. He…Ans. Raises an alarm, informspolice and seeks help through helpline, gives stiff resistance to the dacoitstill such time the police arrives and apprehends the culprits.Q.35. He is asked to organize avariety show in the aid of jawan Welfare in his unit. He…Ans. Accepts the responsibility,makes a detailed programme of the variety entertainment show, carries outextensive rehearsals and ensures that the variety show I performed to the best.Q.36. His Coy is camping in ajungle for training where shooting is prohibited. A leopard which may prove adangerous is seen close to the camp as a sentry on duty. He…Ans. Raises an alarm, lightsmarshals, makes drum beats, fire in the air to frighten the animal till such timethey succeed in the mission.Q.37. Emergency has declared inthe city where his unit is located. He is the CO of the unit. He…Ans. Alerts the unit, givesoptimum support to the Deputy Commissioner of Police and discharges his duty asper the laid down customs and traditions of the army.Q.38. Whenever he is required totake new step. He…Ans. Goes more about details,makes extensive efforts, does lot of reading and takes the right step tosucceed in the mission.Q.39. While going to the office,he saw a man climbing on a house with the help of a rope. He…Ans. Questioned the person ofliming the house through the rope, if satisfied proceeds to the office if nottake the required action to dissuade the person from making unaccepanle attemptof approaching the house through the rope.Q.40. He has to take group of allIndia tour. He…Ans. Accepted the responsibility. Conducted thegroup well and everybody enjoyed the tour in his command.

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