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Psychology Test- Practice sets for Situation Reaction Test ( Sample Question-Answers)

I am putting more SRTs examples for your better practice, i have already putted the basic introduction & Tips for Situation Reaction Test to be followed in SSB, also you can practice 1-40 SRTs in my previous post-200+ SRTs examples with answers.



Q.41. He hears a cry of fire-fire from neighbouring house.He…Ans. Immediately rushes to the neighbours house, attractattention of the people, and bring fire under control and takes collectiveaction to beat back the fire.
Q.42. He had a minor scooter accident on his way to officein which his scooter got slightly damaged. He…Ans. Did not worry about the accident, does introspectiongets scooter fructified and became careful in future.
Q.43. He has lot his way in the jungle. He…Ans. Try to find the north Direction, head towards the firelane and get out of the jungle.
Q.44. While travelling in a train, he found that his ticketis lost. He…Ans. Looks around and check all over again to trace theticket, if not bring to the notice of the ticket collector and face theconsequences.
Q.45. To check the growth of population, what will hesuggest?Ans. Make people aware about population control, importanceof government policies and planning, small family norm and healthy living.
Q.46. Electric light of his neighbour has gone off. He…Ans. Immediately goes to the rescue of his neighbour,carries out a detailed check and tried to rectify the fault, if the fault ismajor, lodge a report with authorities.
Q.47. He is travelling in a bus which suddenly caught fire.He…Ans. Alerts the people, moves them out of bus, tries toextinguish the fire with the help of the passengers and locals, gets in touchwith the police and the fire brigade, and bring fire under control.
Q.48. He is come to his home after meeting a friend.Suddenly he has been attacked by some miscreants with lathi. He…Ans. Does not loose his cool, alerts the neighbours givetough resistance, get in touch with police and rey to apprehend the miscreants.
Q.49. He is passing by a lake, he notices a boy drowning inthe water and he does not know swimming. He…Ans. Gets into the water, raises alarm, rescues the boy,renders first aid medication and hospitalization and inform the parents andrelatives.
Q.50. He is passing by a Railway line and saw that the fishplates have been removed. Only 15 minutes are left for the train to reach andthe Station is 1.5 kms. away from the spot. He…Ans. Immediately, run in the direction of the station, alertsthe station master and helps to beat back the likely accident which would haveresulted in casualties.
Q.51. He is going to attend the SSB. When the train moves,lady falls down on the platform. He…Ans. Tries to pull the chain, help the falling lady with thehelp of co-passengers and reaches the destination
Q.52. He is on annual leave at his village. One day thedacoits started looting his village and also killed a villager. He…Ans. Formed a group, gave a befitting fight to the dacoits,lodged an FIR, and helped the deceased family and ensured safety and securityof the village.
Q.53. On his way, he saw a man suddenly falling down on theroad. On reaching him he comes to know that he is heart patient. He…Ans. Immediately took the person to hospital ensure his meditation called his related and them moved to his work.
Q.54. He is travelling in a train. At one of the stations hecame down to buy some fruits and when he turned back, the train had alreadyleft. He…Ans. Keep cool, take alternative train, face consequences, reachdestination. Thereafter train, face consequences, reach destination. Thereafterdoes introspection to careful nest time in future.
Q.55. He has to organize a debate competition. He…Ans. Checks the date, time, place, and venue, decide on thesubject of discussion, participation by the teams of the various colleges andensure success in the mission.
Q.56. He was the captain of the football team and theperformance of the team was not up to the mark. He…Ans. Does introspection, makes a strict routine, playfriendly matches, motivate the team members and ensure success in subsequentmatches.
Q.57. It was a desert area and he lost his way being awayfrom the team members. He…Ans. Checks the direction of the north with the help ofstars, magnetic compass, uses map direction finding and hits the nearest placeidentified to the venue.
Q.58. He wants to join the Indian Army whereas his fatherwants him to become a software professional. He…Ans. Convinces his father of his interest in joining theArmed Forces and satisfies his queries and ensures that he takes profession ofhis choice.
Q.59. His sister’s marriage is fixed but she is not happy tomarry the person not being of her choosing. He…Ans. Rationalizes the situation, speaks to his parents,convince them of his sister choice and marries her accordingly as per herwishes.
Q.60. He is the house captain and is required to makearrangements for entertainment programme in the school. He…Ans. Accepts the responsibility, works out the details,hunts the required talent, give extensive practice to the participants andensure success.

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