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Thematic Apperception Test ppt Download

You can download Thematic Apperception Test:TAT sample pictures set for practice from links below. TAT: Thematic Appreciation Test of SSB Interview is projective psychological test which has 12 set of pictures shown to you one by one and expected from you to write a story based on your thinking after watching each individual picture.

Number of pictures : 12Time duration: 4 mins for writing story( per picture)

How to practice TAT

  1. Be ready with few blank papers and pen.
  2. When you are ready with stationery items, start the slideshow.
  3. You will see a picture for 30 secs and next a blank slide for 4 mins.
  4. Watch the picture for 30secs and plot a story in your mind.
  5. Start writing your story in next 4 mins. 
  6. Keep practicing.
  7. You will find that continuous practice will increase your writing speed and improve your story quality.

Download TAT slideshow:

  1. TAT slideshow 1
  2. TAT slideshow 2
  3. TAT slideshow 3
  4. TAT slideshow 4
  5. TAT slideshow 5
  6. TAT slideshow 6
  7. TAT slideshow 7
  8. TAT slideshow 8

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