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Word Association Test introduction and Formation Tips

WAT (Word Association Test) is held on second say under Psychological test. In WAT you will be
how to form sentences in WAT( Word Association Test) in SSBWAT( Word Association Test) in SSBshown 60 word and you are supposed to make sentences on all words. Each word will be shown to you for 15 second, and you have to think your sentence and write it on paper. The most important thing that you should make a positive sentence over each word as shown in slide. It is generally the test of your imagination what you think on seeing a particular word and just 15 seconds are given to check your imagination power and instant action. 

Points you should remember while attempting WAT(Word Association Test)

  1.  Firstly keep your mind Concentrated and look carefully onto the slide and grasp the word shown to you.
  2. Quickly make a positive sentence that can be fitted with word make sure that it is positive and good.
  3. Write it onto the paper as quick as possible because will will find that another word is flashed on slide and you even are not completed with previous one.
  4. There may be negative words there so you may get confuse how to make positive sentence over there so my recommendation to you practice some negative words for that, i have provided a lots of WAT word for practice.
  5. Do not write too many sentence on same idea. like good teacher and defence forces.
  6. observatory sentences are not allowed there.
  7. Don’t write idioms, phrases, quotations, universal truths. They show lack of original thoughts. 
  8. if any sentence is missing or incomplete try to complete next in time and complete previous one.
  9. Try to make real sentence don’t make sentence out of your limit or range. Like someone says a good soldier fired 80 enemies.
  10. If you are not getting what to write, its better to write anything than to leave it blank.
  11. Don’t write original word at starting, write direct sentence.

How to write negative words in WAT?

There will be negative word no doubt, they will be shown to check your thinking capabilities on seeing negative words and how you goes with them. So i am giving you some tips how you can make them positive.

  • Firstly don’t get confused on seeing the word be cool, try to co-relate it with some positive idea. Like if you are shown blood, your mind will immediately go on accident or firing scene like mine was gone so try to relate it with some positive sentence like- O+ is universal donor.
  • See there is no blood in sentence but it is best sentence with blood as it directly related to blood and giving its sense.
  • One more thing practice some words from the sets i have provided in my post and if you cant do that learn 70-80 sentences.
  • Try to write sentence on daily news and policy which you generally read in news paper and i will recommend you to read “The Hindu” for SSB Interview Preparation.

General Errors you Do while attempting WAT:

  • First error you do that you leave the sentence blank. It is seen mostly that because shortage of time, most of the sentences are left blank. The best way to avoid it save time in writing other sentence and leave a space for it write all sentence serially with serial no. so that you can write it later.
  • Most of us leave a space and also write the word shown to you, this is my humble advice not to write the original word in line just make direct sentence and if you have sentence left mark that word on your hand or somewhere else but not on that space.
  • Don’t write word in place of sentence.
  • Also i have told you not to write observatory sentences, phrases and all.
  • when you are not getting anything you prefer to write negative sentence, please don’t do so it may have bad impression.


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