Guys i have been continuously asked to put a post on Solution to India-Pakistan problem and Frequently asked Gd and Lecturette Topics: Indo-Pak problem SolutionSolution To Indo-Pak problemit is most frequently asked topic in SSB Interview. It would not be a surprise if anybody will ask you about India’s Relation With Neighbouring countries i.e India-Bhutan, India-china (hottest), India-Pakistan (mostly asked), India-USA (United States of America), India-France, India-Nepal, India-Islamabad, India-Afganistan. All these topics are covered in my previous post i.e.India’s Relation With Neighbouring countries you must study it once.
a) Political Solution
b) Military Solution
c) Convert LoC to IB

The problem between India and Pakistan has been on from last 50 years. Lifetimes have gone by lighting, fuming and biting. Five decades had past in accusing, annoying and abusing each other. All it has given the two countries is economic loss. Destruction and loss of face at international level. Three-war militancy, and terrorism is what we have got from each other. What we need is a solution to this issue. Bloodshed and the gun power are not the solutions. Talks and discussion is the path towards the dawn. Both the countries have to change their scripts and have to think broadly for some concrete results. What ever is the solution the situation demands that it is permanent and with the will of the public on both side. So that peace and prosperity can return to this pan of the world and we can leave a better tomorrow for our next generation.

Political Solution

This is the best solution to solve the Indo-Pak Problem. However, it has not materialized because of the following reasons:

a) We have always blamed Pakistan saying that their army does not allow their political leaders to take any decision. Leaders of both countries always feel that the political solution is the best solution. Moreover, history is the witness that whenever a political solution has emerged with the will of the people the solution has been lasting. The unification of Germany and forming of EU are the recent examples of political solutions. Whenever there has been an attempt between the two countries to resolve the problem politically through secretary level talk or dialogue between the political leaders, the Pakistani army has disturbed the talk by indulging in cross border firing. The political initiative of our Prime Minister by starting a bus service between Delhi & Lahore has been totally nullified by the Kargil Operations.

b) On the other hand Pakistan has blamed us by saying that we have no political firmness & our Government keeps changing frequently. In the past 10 years we have had many changes of Government. There has been no continuity in our policy, Moreover no government got sufficient time to concentrate on resolving the issue. They also feel that successive government have taken opposite views to settle the issue because of which the deadlock has not been resolved. Moreover they are more inclined towards the BJP government. Under Atal Bihari Vajpavee whomthev find approachable and favourable leader.

Military Solution

War has always led to destruction in terms of human lives and economy. We have had 3 wars with Pakistan: in 48.65 and 71 & the pot has remained boiling since 84 in the form of continuous exchange of fire along the border, Siachen Glacier & now at a bigger scale in Kargil. It costs us Rs 5 crores to maintain Siachen for 1 day. It costed us Rs 2000 crores to push Pakistan out of Kargil and because of this the economy of both countries & particularly of Pakistan is badly affected. Pakistan is totally shattered & they are virtually begging for money & support. Any more indulgence in military solution will lake both the countries economically from bad to worse. We are both poor countries and we have tried to settle the Kashmir issue through war 3 times-however we could never arrive to any solution. Today we both posses Nuclear Weapons. If we fight another war & the nuclear Weapon is used then God only knows what will be outcome. With the military coup in Pakistan the situation is very fluid & both countries will approach this issue will caution.

LoC to IB

When the British left the country they clearly demarcated the boundary between the two countries. However in a swift & surprise move Pakistan attacked us in 48 with the intention of taking J&K. However, they were pushed back by the Indian Army, But to avoid further loss Pt. Nehru invited LJN to intervene, which requested both countries to withdraw to their original positions. India agreed hut Pakistan did not & continues to occupy a portion of our territory thereby violating the IB. The occupied portion is today known as PoK. During the Simla agreement between Z.A Bhutto & Indira Gandhi a reference was made whereby they felt that if the relations improved the LoC could be upgraded to IB. However in the present situation such a solution is. not possible because the hearts of the population is full of betrayal and the public on the either side w ill not allow its government to take such a step. A government attempting such an act will be threatening its very existence.

The following steps can be undertaken in future to make Indo-Pak relationship more positive

(a) Pressurize Musharraf into ending cross-border terrorism and bringing down infiltration

(b) Keep the LoC cold. Desist from cross- border artillery duels.

(c) Isolate the Pan-Islamic Jehadi groups such as Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e- Mohammad from the dominant elhenic Kashmir) militant groups like Hizb-ul-Mujahideen

(d) Reduce violence to revive political activity in the Kashmir Valley

(e) Encourage sports activities between the two countries.
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