Hello aspirants i am back with a new post about WAT Test in SSB, In this post i will be explaining some tips related to handling negative words in WAT (explained in some books), In WAT test of ssb you will be asked many negative words to check you psychology level and you have to answer them smartly and positively again before starting this post i will say practice more and more words to increase your speed and psychology level.
When your reaction to a negative word is positive, it will be easy for you to make a sentence from the word. The tip is to form a positive idea from a negative word shown in the slide.

For example- Defeat: – Now when we hear defeat, an image of failure comes to our mind. It is natural but a little practice will help you to change the image out of your mind.


(1)   Denial method

TPSN + Denial words (is not, does not, has not, never) + OW + Other words.

For example

(1)   Hate

(1)   A good friend never hates his own friend.

           TPSN          DW           OW        OTW

(2)   A good army officer never hates his own soldiers.

(3)   A good captain does not hates his own players.

(4)   A leader never hates his followers.

(5)   A good father never hates his own children.

(6)   A good scientist never hates good invention of life.

(2)   Reject

(1)   A scientist never rejects new inventions of life.

(2)   A good officer never reject his duties and responsibility.

(3)   A good manager does not reject valuable suggestions from his colleagues.

(4)   A brave never rejects challenges of life.

(3)   Punish

(1)   A good army officer never punishes an innocent soldiers.

(2)   A good teacher never punishes an honest student.

(3)   A true judge never punishes a person for his guiltless offence.

(4)   Selfish

(1)   A good leader is never selfish of promoting his own interest.

(2)   A sincere friend is never selfish with his own friends.

(3)   A good captain is never selfish of personal achievement.

(4)   He is not selfish of his own publicity.

Examples of Negative words in SSB for Practice:

  1. Weak– A brave man defeats his weakness.
  2. Danger– Indian defence is always ready for dangerous 
  3. Weapon– weapon is used for protection.
  4. Hijack– commandos are trained for 
  5. Difficult-difficulties are solved by patience.
  6. Fear– winners bravely face his fear.
  7. Aggressive– A leader patiently deals with his team.

More on Negative Words-

  1. Kill: A good caption wins the match through killers instinct.
  2. Death: a brave is never afraid of death.
  3. suicide: man of courage never thinks of suicide.
  4. knife: Knife is useful instrument for surgeon.
  5. snake: snake poison is useful for medical purposes.
  6. rope: a good leader knows how to weave his rope to success.
  7. Map: a good leader creates his own map to the goal of success.
  8. Time: time management helps in completing the task.
  9. Harmony: Harmony among people reflects unity of strength.
  10. war: peaceful method overcome war.
  11. Dismiss: a good leader never dismisses a good idea.
  12. Enemy: he has no enemies in life.

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