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What is the Importance of good PIQ Form Filling in SSB

  • Guys these points should be kept in mind while filling your PIQ form these will help you in filling your PIQ form.
  • At time of interview you have to spend 40-45 min with interviewing panel there are 2 ways to spend good time with them
    • First is that you have putted enough material on your PIQ form that you can engage them with it, and since you have fully prepared your PIQ form so you can answer them with ease.
    • If you have left your PIQ blank then questions will go according to then not according to you. They can ask you anything they want like- present happening ,current events etc.
  • So it is very important to fill your PIQ with good points and know each point completly. See my PIQ form Filled for reference.

Points to be Borne In Mind at the Time of Interview:

• Know all the personal details correctly, like educationprofile, certification, outstanding achievements in school and college.• Know about the place you hail from, with specific referenceto the district, state and attributes of the place with special references tohistorical background.• Linkages to the Old Indian Civilization and general impact inthe area.• Highway projects, rail communication network includingongoing metro projects. Developments/ changes taking place in view of theCommonwealth Games should also be incorporated.• Important personalities attached to the place and relativeachievements and contribution to the society. Living legends like militarycommanders, educationists, teachers, scholars, historians, social activities,politicians, etc. should be included in briefing.• Education setup in the place, and contribution to thesociety. It may include universities, colleges, schools, medicalcollege/engineering colleges, dental colleges, Agricultural setup, managementinstitutes, call centre, hospitality sector, BPO’s, etc. Such vital inputsshould be kept for ready reference.• Industrial setup, sports industry, automobiles, industry,major company HQ’s, banking institutes, etc.• Complete family profile to include parents, brothers,sisters, and any immediate relation concerning your profile and hiscontribution should be included. Complete and comprehensive knowledge isrequired in this aspect.• Do not hide any personal data, changing the profile ofparents/relatives should be totally avoided. Be your original self and frank indiscussion rather than giving misleading facts to the assessor.• Parent’s occupation, income in true sense and achievements ifany by the family.• Educational background details from primary, middle andsecondary classes, details of extensive studies in college, etc. to beincluded. Professional courses to be included, value addition if any aftercompleting graduation/post graduation, etc. to be entered.Filling Good PIQ Form/ Points kept in mind for SSB interviewFilling Good PIQ Form/ Points for SSB interview
 • The primary/secondary,education and type of school and college. The break if any ineducation/different places and any major changes in percentages to behighlighted. Outstanding achievement in education like distinction, etc. can beincorporated.• Outstanding achievement may include any special awards,percentages, contribution to school and college in education, sports, extracurricular activities.• Special references to NCC training incorporated. The NCCexperience certification to include Junior/Senior Wing and level ofparticipation in different camps, locations like National Integration Camp,Polio Campaign, Blood donations, Traffic Regulation, etc. • Games, sports toinclude indoor games and outdoor games. Games like basket ball, hockey,football, squash, tennis, golf, and cricket can be included. Proficiency inthese games at school and college unit level advocated.• Indoor games like chess, table tennis, billiards, badmintoncan also be included.• Track and field events, swimming, trekking, adventureactivities play a vital role for overall development of a personality. • Mountaineering, rock climbing, river rafting, skiing,boating, caning, wind surfing, gym, can act as a force multiplier at the timeof interview.• Parasailing, commercial pilot training, gliding is helpful. •Reading activities to include special authors like Arundhati Roy, A.P,J. AbdulKalam, Kiran Desai, fiction/nonfiction novels, etc.• Works of Swami Vivekananda, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, .MahatmaGandhi, Encyclopedia like Britannica, Encarta, can be read for valueenhancement.• Value addition with Professional Certifications or GATEscore, CAT, Microsoft certification, work experience in MNCs, etc. Any specialtechnical proficiency in computer, languages, project works like simulators,robots, etc.• Professional experience in serving with companies/ corporatesector, nature of job and contribution to the system. Experience in callcentres, BPO, industry management, and retail sector. • Working withnon-government organization, social organizations like CRY, Help AGE, WorldVision, and Sakshi.• Individual and collective contribution to the society,colony, in case of polio campaign, literacy campaign, and social awarenessprogrammes, hygiene, sanitation, etc.• Help to troops operating in Kargil operation/floodvictims/Tsunami, help to the destitute and the needy.• Extra curricular activities like taking part in math’solympiad, debate competition, quiz competition, dramatics, plays, specialappreciation in any field like painting, sketching, drawing, mono-acting,caricature, cartoons, etc.• Hobbies to include all individual effort and not collectiveeffort. Anything which can be fruitfully done in hours of relaxation.Collective efforts do not come hobbies, Individual effort in playinginstrument,
sketching, archery, book reading can be incorporated under this category.• Interests are separate from Hobbies. Interests can bepracticed once in a month. Visiting old age homes, leprosy centres, helpingpoor and the needy. Attending to weak and the destitute. Feeding animals/birdscan also be part of interest.• Motivating force to join the army can be referred to warmovies gallantry award winners, scenes of aggression during 1962, 1965, 1971wars, Kargil operation and also motivation from the place/within the family.


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