A Case of Heat ExhaustionSurrounded by People

Previously i putted how to write a TAT story for a person addressing a group of person Under a Tree again I am putting a common story asked in Psychology: Thematic Appreciation Test- TAT i.e. A heat exhaustion Case. In such cases of heat exhaustion and road accidents some one has to take responsibility of helping the affected person like in this Rakesh played a role of central character.  SAMPLE TAT PICTURE ON HEAT EXHAUSTION CASESAMPLE TAT PICTURE ON HEAT EXHAUSTION CASE

Suggested Layout TAT

        Rakesh is returning after attending his computer classes. Itis the month of June and day is very hot. While coming he notice a boystaggering and falling down due to hear stroke. He rushed to help him. Lot ofpeople had gathered around, and all wanted to help the boy who had developedfever and is seen in pain and anguish. As he went closer, he found that he isvirtually going unconscious and required immediate medical attention. Hesprinkled some water from his bottle over his face, loosened his shoes andshirt. He dampened his hanky in water and put over his forehead. The boyregained his consciousness. Rakesh with the help of others took him to thehospital, informed his parents. He also advised his to drink lot of fluids, asit will help him in early recovery. After completing his task he returned tohis home. He realized the importance of protection against hear strokevirtually he felt happy that he has been able to help a boy in distress.


The stimulus depicts a person lying on ground and surroundedby different categories of people. The person is in a state of distress andrequires immediate medical aid, attention and evacuation which have been doneas per the write up. The stimulus concerns a routine scenario which may occurdue to heat exhaustion or a case of poverty stricken unemployed youth. Theaction has been correctly initiated and the result is productive.

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