TAT: A Fort in a Dense ForestedArea

Guys i am putting this TAT story for you so that you can have a general idea of how to write a TAT story on a Fort in Dense Forested area generally in a forest.THE BEST WAY TO PREPARE FOR PSYCHOLOGY TEST: TAT-THEMATIC APPRECIATION TEST IS TO PRACTICE MORE AND MORE AND BOOST YOUR WRITING SPEED.

sample TAT picture on a dense forest scenesample TAT picture on a dense forest scene

Suggested Layout TAT

        Itis most evening of June, Arjun is a research scholar in history and he isvisiting a number of forts during the period of Shivaji Maharaj. Today he alongwith his friends VIkram and Ramesh visited an old fort used during the MarathaPeriod, the area is totally forested, the weather is pleasant and birds werechirping and cool wind is blowing, the going towards the fort is also tough andtedious. Arjun entered the fort, admired its architecture which ispraiseworthy. There were lot of murals, carvings on the wall; weapon system ofthat time is very appreciable. He went through every part of the fort alongwith his friends and confirmed to the referred material and collected alladditional important information, pertaining to ht fort and consolidateddetailed account of the period. After getting all the information he came back,prepared his thesis took help from his friends, submitted his papers and hi isawarded the best thesis award for the sustained effort. Today, He is asuccessful lecturer in a reputed Management Institute.


The stimulus depicts a fort scene in which few studentsare approaching the fort which is located in a dense forested area. The fortcan be related to the yester years, and concerted efforts can be shown by thestudents to learn about the fort premises and the general readiness in case ofenemy hostility and high level of preparedness to fight enemy challenges. Thestory has been duly written keeping the above aspects in mind and the centralcharacter is a role model in conduct of research and value addition tolearning.

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