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Guys i am putting this TAT story for you so that you can have a general idea of how to write a TAT story on a Few Students sitting in Library scene.THE BEST WAY TO PREPARE FOR PSYCHOLOGY TEST: TAT-THEMATIC APPRECIATION TEST IS TO PRACTICE MORE AND MORE AND BOOST YOUR WRITING SPEED.
 sample tat picture on library scene

Suggested layout TAT

        As competitions are the order of the day, Rahul is alsopreparing for many competitive exams. He is very keen to become an IAS officer.He is preparing for his Main IAS exam. He goes through different magazines,periodicals, books, journals, Britannica, encyclopedia, Encarta, CD-ROMS,internet connectivity and whole prescribed syllabus. He worked hard day andnight and prepared himself very well for the exam. He appeared in the exam andcame out with flying colours. He also cleared his interview. He remembers theperiod when he uses to visit the library along with his friends. Sustainedpreparation and collective effort is the key to his success. Today, he issuccessful and effective IAS officer.


            The stimulus depicts a library scenein which few students are sitting together and studying. The theme depictspreparation of a competitive examination in which students are engrossed. Thecentral character is the binding factor in conduct of studies and the manner ofpreparation. The preparation should lead to success with sustained efforts andmaterial learning.

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