Two Persons Standing on Topof a Rope Bridge

Previously i putted how to write a TAT story for A Heat Exhaustion Case now i am putting my best efforts to put in a very good a story asked in Psychology: Thematic Appreciation Test- TAT i.e. Two person standing on a rope bridge and water flowing underneath Case. The story in such cases should be made, based on planning any work, which can help others and may bring development in society. sample TAT picture on two persons standing on bridgesample TAT picture on two persons standing on bridge

Suggested Layout TAT

        Chander and suresh are working in aresort. Chander is responsible for financial portion. While observing thereports he found that the number of visitors is at decline during summer season.He decided to overcome it. He met his friend suresh and authorities told themon their plans for re introduce water sports in the resort. Water sports wereexisting but due to poor infrastructure and maintenance, they had beendiscontinued for some time. The financial aspect is acutely monitored and hefelt that improving the infrastructure and better management could lead to progress.His plan within the existing infrastructure is approved. Chander madearrangements for boating, swimming, water rides, etc. the management got thenew project inaugurated by a gift scheme for visitors. The number of visitorshas increased. The water sports were liked by all, and it again becomes acentre of attraction on holidays and Sundays. Chander felt happy to revive theinstitution.


The stimulusdepicts two persons standing on top of a rope bridge and a river is flowing infull swing underneath. The individuals can be shown enjoying the generalenvironment and the nature in ideal circumstances. In this case, the situationhas been depicted carrying out water sports and adventure activities in thesurrounding areas. The central character is a motivation factor bringing thediabolic changes in the existing circumstances.

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