Lecturette and GD Topic: INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE

Guys IPL T20 has recently passed away and as we all loves to Play and to Watch Cricket Game, It can be your Topic in GD or Lecturette. This is among the current Lecturette and GD topics in SSB Interview. Have a general Idea, how to speaks from here.


India Premier league has taken the country by stormattracting the public to cricket as never before. Why has this happened?

  1.  Love of cricket
  2.   Glamour and Entertainment
  3.  Sport Business


        Twenty20 Cricket took the world to storm. Essentially a few hour of slam-bangcricket, a complete package with intense on field battles and nail bitingfinishes, the advent of twenty 20 rewrote the history of the game. After theemergent Team India lead by the redoubtable MS Dhoni Clinched the Silverware inthe inaugural edition of T20 World Cup in 2007,the popularity of the format inIndia assumed a never before seen proportion India`s Cricket loving millionstook to the new form of sports cum entertainment in a big way. It proved to bean all new experiences for spectators, the matches played in the evening weretime keeping in mind that convenience of general public. People could leavetheir workplace on normal timing s and could watch their favorite teams fightit out either on the television or directly in the stadium. Television ratingpoints (TRPs) of IPL soared,    signaling big business for both BCCI andadvertisers. Cricketing standards also touched a new high in the IPL withbatsmen going after the bowlers like there is no tomorrow and bowlers devisingever newer tactics to contain marauding batsmen. Fielding situation tooimproved by leaps and bounds. In all, The IPL proved to be a win –win Situationfor one and all. For the cricket lovers’ it was experience unmatched in termsof enjoyment and value for money.

Sports Business

        T20Cricket’s ever-increasing popularity and wide acceptance in India set in motionand inter-related series of developments, which were to change the face of thegame forever. Most important of all, India’s new founder penchant for T20 sentinto overdrive a shrewd business brain, named Lalit Mode. It was Modi’s visionand efforts to make Cricket profitable like never before. The idea wasfoolproof: a number of teams owned by different franchises would vie for thesilverware in the IPL, which would be an annual affair. Each Team wouldcomprise top-notch Indian as well foreign players, a move aimed at giving thetournament an unmistakably international look as also making sure that on fieldperformance are of world class. And best of them all, the event would be averitable amalgamation of sports and entertainment.

Glamour and Entertainment

        Theentertainment quotient associated with IPL games deserves a special mention.While players would sweat it out on the pitch, skimpily-clad nubile nymphetswould provide entertainment to the spectators with their dance –cum acrobatics.Apart from the actors who come towatch matches, some actors such as Shah Rukh Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Preity Zintaand Juhi Chawla are also owners of franchises. And common man, who has deeppockets, can meet and rub shoulders with these celebrities at the post-matchparties, provided that he is willing to shell out a pre-stpulated price, whichin most cases, is exorbitant. But high prices are hardly a deterrent here; theprospect of getting to mingle with Bollywood stars is a lure too hard toresist, it has been a very effective popularizing ploy, and has gone a long wayin ensuring extra mileage in the form of additional business for IPL.

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