Lecturette and GD Topic: THE NORTH-EAST PROBLEM

Guys this is also a good topic asked in GD as well as in Lecturette as North-East problem is major problem in India. Before going for your SSB Interview Please prepare for this also.


Exodus to the north –east:

  1.    Ineffective Govt. policy.
  2.    Foreign hand.
  3.   Intolerance of the public.

North–East is again in the news because of sudden exodus of these people fromBangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. They have rushed back in their home state, asthey were threatened by the locals to leave their city in 24 hours. Inspite ofthe best effects of the state Government to ensure security for these people,the exodus continued. Specials trains were arranged. The sudden exodus has resultedin vaccum in some of the Malls, Hospitals, Security Agencies and hotels.

Background theproblem: The origin of the problem is the changing demography in theNorth-Eastern States. The riverine border with Bangladesh, 4096 Km has changedthe demography of West Bengal, Assam, Meghalya, Tripura and Mizoram.  These people have settled over these starts after getting their documentslike, ration card and voter card made through illegal means. This has resultedin conflict of interest with the local population. The problem is discussedunder three heads:


The government hasnot been able to stop the infiltration of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.The detection of these people is also difficult as they produce documents toprove that they are Indian Muslims. The Govt. should convey strongly toBangladesh Govt. to check the exfiltration from their country. Prompt action isrequired to sand back illegal immigrants. Ration card Voting card should not bemade till the Govt. is satisfied with the claim of individual. The liberalpolicies of the Govt. are responsible for some of the problem of North-east


Humanly, it is notpossible to manage 4096 Km of international porous border with Bangladesh as anumber of rivers are used to smuggle the infiltrators. West Bengal, Assam , Meghalaya,Tripura and Mizoram are the worst affected states as it is changing theirdemography. The present regime is pro-India and taking step to stop illegalcrossings. The previous Govt. led by Bagam Khalid Zia, was  soft on their infiltration. The immigrantsfrom Bangladesh are poor people who cross over to India in search of odd jobs.Bangladesh rifles and B.S.F have to jointly curb this practice with an ironhand to stop this infiltration.


The present crises in Assam is the creation of Bodoland AutonomousCouncil (BAC) in the year 2003. 90% of the Bodos are Hindus. These people thinkthe Muslims of Bangladesh are trying to change the democracy of BAC and Assam.The non-bodas fell that they are being discriminated by the BAC authorities asthey are ignoring them. Due to intolerance of each other a small incidentbetween two will lead to communal riots. Both fell insecure and blame eachother for any act of omission or commission in their area. Bodos fell theMuslim are occupying their space, jobs and economic opportunities where anon-bodas  i.e Muslim fells they arebeing discriminated being labeled as Bangladeshi.


The exodus ofNorth-East people is a cause of concern as it taking a communal turn which mayhave repercussion over the areas. The central Govt. and the State Govt. ofall the state have to act swiftly to stop the exodus. The social net work siteswhich sponsored haltered among the communities have to be blocked. Security hasto be provided to the people where ever they are working.  The infiltration from Bangladesh has to bestopped. The communities have to be showing more tolerance to each other. The goodwill has to prevail with sacrifices fromall sides. 

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