Guys if are are keen of watching movies, and have written watching movies as your hobby in PIQ form then you may be asked for Lecturette or GD Topic on Success Mantra of a Movie or Cinema in your SSB Interview. This article will help you alot in reference to this.

The Formula for a successful film:

  1. Promotion and publicity
  2. Star cast
  3. Story-line

                The Cinema is no more anentertainment medium but an industry in itself. These days, the stakes are alsovery high as unsuccessful movies can bring in losses of crores and at the sametime a successful film may profit the producers many folds. So,the success ofmovie is very important.                Inorder for a movie to be succeed, the production home has not only to recoverthe cost by running the movie in theaters but also try to earn maximum out ofmusic rights, video rights, merchandise sponsoring production etc.
                Publicityplays a very vital role in the movies success. The people need to be made awareabout the release of a film and also about the star-cast. The above requirementbecomes ever more important when a movie does not support a good story-lineconsidering the example of Dabangg, the movie had Salman Khan as the main actorbut licked a meaningful story-line but it still was a huge success. Publicityinvolves, planting an idea into the people’s minds and continuously pressing onthe idea to make     animpact on them. Using this idea the producers bank upon the hype it created andrecover their money within the first few weeks itself. Eg: EK THE TIGER hypedand was released across 3000 theatres across India, whereas any other movie isreleased only across 1500 theater.                Toknow when it is released and when it is removed from the theaters. Ek Tha Tigeron the other hand ; banked largely on the screen cast and was involved in hugepromotion and eventually turned out to be success. The hype created by thepresence of Katrina kaif and Salman Khan starring together was so high that theviewers watch  the movie and hence theproducer used this initial hype in order to get on this business.


                Thestory of the movie may be regarded as the backbone of the movie. A men that hasa excellent story-line, need not have, any kind of publicity or hype by aexcellent star-cast in order to make a mark for itself. Such films do not relyon publicity but publiciseon word of mouth. Considering the example of Barfi, the  though has a good star cast but they do notindulge relied on the quality of the script. The movie was released only across130 theaters all over India but inspite of that, recovered the cast within twoweeks of release. Not all movies such a type are meant for the messes but theyare only intended for a specific audience only and the producers also are happyto serve only particular segment of the society. Low budget movies which arejust for the metropolitan cities and normally run in  cineplexes and multiplexes have a seataudience , which is not affected by the publicity or star cast but only go forthe content of movie which is generally urbane in nature depicting day to dayliving of people in the cities and also sometimes targeting the youth.

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