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Guys I am uploading this post to provide you the basic ideaof how to Perform Meter  reading, MachineTest, Drum Test in PABT Test. Procedure of PABT is given below

INSA and INSB Test 

 sample PABT picture: meter reading sample PABT picture: Turning Calculation

                Thismeter will depict whether the plane is turning left or right gradually orspeedily. If the needle moves right that depict plane is turning left and vice-versa. If the needle is near to its equilibrium position then the plane isturning gradually. If the needle is away from its resting position then theplane is turning speedily.
 In thesecond set there are approximate 60 questions and students are required to tickthe right picture of airplane which is according to the given condition shownby different meters. Time given for this set is 20 minutes. Students access thepicture of plane form meters  and shoulddo maximum questions correctly. In the remainder of questions the candidateshave to tick the correct option as given in the question paper. The candidateswho qualify the INSB are taken immediately unsuccessful candidates are made tosit for the screening test at the same time..

PABT(Machine TEST)

A machine having a computer screen, a joystick, two pedalsand a lever as per the below diagram:
sample PABT picture: Machine TestMaintain a ball in innermost square

Procedure                Whenyou move joystick forward the ball will come downward and when you move thejoystick towards you then ball will move upward. The use of pedals is to keepthe ball right or left. In a single chance, the ball will come bouncing and inthe meantime the yellow and red light will appear which can be cancelled bylever on left. Sometimes a noise will appear which can be cancelled by thebutton on joystick. For each cancellation of red, yellow light and noise youwill get ½ point extra. Three chances will be given and best of three will becounted. For maintaining the ball in Inner Square of I sec we get 1 point andin outer square we get ½ point. Concentrate and give your best effort it’s agame.

Drum Test

PABT Sample picture: Drum TestEssential-torch with the balls coming from top of screen

In the next successive test you have to use the joystick tocoincide a ball to the balls coming from top. The software has been prepared insuch a way that the ball follows a specific alignment. The student should seethe alignment critically which will help coinciding to the pattern and resultin high scoring.


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