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Sample Self Description Test for a Girl/Female Candidate-III

Guys I have putted Two Self Description Test earlier forpractice. And now I am uploading a post, how to write a Self-Description Test:SD for Girls/Female Candidate in Psychology of SSB interview. Girls preparing fortheir SSB interview may also consider previous SD samples putted by me theywill help you a lot.

                Parent’sOpinion- My parents consider me a fairly intelligent sincere and obedient girlwho can rise up to the occasion both during home front and outside. They havefull confidence over me and so do not hesitate in giving me any responsibility.They appreciate my helping nature and at time attending guests in theirabsence. They love me and I respect them from the core of my heart. At timesany mother rebukes me for my not taking interest in cooking however I amdefinite to learn the trade to the best of my ability. My parents are proud ofmy performance in academics and high moral ethics and values which I havelearnt through my upbringing.

                Teacher’s Opinion- My Teachers arevery learned people. I have been always lucky in having good teachers.Generally, My Teachers consider me a punctual, obedient, fairy intelligentstudent and appreciate me for my taking part in extracurricular activities in spiteof good academic record. However, at times they do not like my carelessattitude which requires a definite improvement.

                Friend’s Opinion-Friends make lifepleasurable. I have a wide circle of friends. We enjoy group discussion andsocial evenings together. They share secrets with me and approach me in hour ofsuggestion. They have full faith in me. However, at times they ask me to changemy straightforward way of speaking but I do not like to be diplomatic to pleaseothers.

                SelfOpinion- I am fairly an intelligent, confident and sincere girl who never keepany stone unturned to achieve my goal. Implementation of women’s entry in Armyreally excited me since my childhood dream will be fulfilled. I am impressed bytwo personalities; one is my freedom fighter grandfather who told me the heroicdeeds of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and secondly my brother-in-law who became amartyr while fighting with militants in J&K. I am sure I will carry myfamily tradition to the best of my ability.


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