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Sample Self Description Test for Practice-I

Guys I am putting my first sample Self DescriptionSD Test,from this post you will come to know how to write a better or best SelfDescription in SSB Interview about ourselves. This example of Self Description Test- SD test willclear general point that needs to be written in Test.

                Parent’sOpinion- My parents always consider me as a dutiful and obedient child and loveme. I should admit that I am the favourite of my father. They have alwaystrusted me and have faith that I will do well in every field as I excelled inacademics. My mother always comes to me for help in routine activities. Butsometimes my parents criticize me, when I try to assert my wishes.

                Teacher’sOpinion- I have always been a good and well-behaved student and teachers havealways appreciated me for the same. They encourage me to do everything in thebest manner. Apart from studies I am good in co-curricular activities games andsports. The only times my teachers disagreed to me , was when I used to bunk classesfor going to camps, sports meet or even canteen.

                Friend’sOpinion- My friends have always been caring, admiring and helpful towards meand have encouraged me in many situations. They always come to me in terms ofhelp as I go to them. But when I tell them that we should abide by the rules,e.g. hostel, they disagreed to me mostly, but I have been able to persuade themto be disciplined.

                Selfopinion- I am basically a kind hearted person and quite sympathetic andsensitive. I never loose an opportunity to help my friends or anyone else. Iface all situations bravely and boldly and failure seldom shatters me. I amoptimistic and ready for any adventurous task. I remained above average studentthrough my academics and excelled in NCC and sports.

                QualitiesI like to Improve- I would like to ve more strong and hard in future. I do notlack in confidence but I would like to make it as strong as a rock. I wouldalso like to develop more reading capacity

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