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Tweak Your Self Description (SD) ~ SSB Aspirants

Self Descriptionpsychologists testPreparing with common topics like IQ preparation,PPDT, TAT, WAT, SRT, Interview prepatation, it is also advised that before going for SSB interview, a candidate should at least prepare things which he/she will definitely encounter during testing like the Blank story, Self Description, Questions related to our personal lives etc.
Among afore mentioned things Self description is the one about which even the psychologists suggest that it should be pre-prepared and well practiced. Self description requires us to record our observations about ourselves through the eyes of Parents, Superiors or Teachers, Colleagues or friends and finally ourselves.
A simple exercise but its importance lies in the fact that a good SD can earn you the favor of the psychologist and a not so good one can have an opposite effect.

How to make it effective? How to concur your SD with the findings of the psychologist obtained by reading your TAT, WAT and SRT responses?

There is no exact theory to this but just some simple common sense; here is what I did in my last SSB.During TAT the 6th picture was a girl (14-16 yrs according to my perception) was sitting on a bench and a young man was standing and talking to her.MY RESPONSE: Brother motivating sister as she was not able to get admission in the college of her choice.7th picture: 6-7 boys lying down on the ground and one man gesturing and talking to themMY RESPONSE: Sports teacher motivating students to train harder.8th picture: a boy (10-12 years) sulking while sitting on a chair and a young man putting an arm around his shoulder and talking.MY RESPONSE: Elder brother motivating younger brother (again! ).Seeing my responses even a blind person would have come to the conclusion that I had fallen into a loop and was short of ideas. I too was alarmed and this thing was constantly running at the back of my mind during the remaining part of testing. Just before my Self Description,I did a bit of reverse engineering and added a sentence in each of my paragraphs of Self Description.
Superior’s opinion: They appreciate my role in ‘motivating’ the new GET’s that join our company.Colleague’s opinion: They find me ‘motivated’ and also rub off the effect on others.Own opinion: I am able to ‘motivate’ others and bring out the best in them.Though I am not an expert but as much as I can tell this provided a counter balance to my screw up in TAT. If a candidate is able to gauge the quality of his responses and can counter balance it in Self Description, half the battle is won.

Now comes the another very important test in SSB i.e ‘INTERVIEW‘ and again Self Description (SD) comes into play if you know the importance of it.Before you are called in for Interview,you are made to wait outside the Interview room.At that time,the IO (Interviewing Officer) is going through your Self Description,PIQ and your other educational certificates and prepares questions for you.He expects you to be the same one as portrayed by you in your PIQ and SD.
So,if you know what you have written in SD and had prepared well,then you can do well in Interview also.

You can repeat the lines or exemplify the points you wrote in Self Description.Try to speak the things you wrote in Self Description so that the person portrayed in Self Description and Person being Interviewed comes out to be the same.

This is a highly recommended tips for everybody to prepare your Self description very well.

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