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SSB GD Topic – How brain drain can be stopped?

Is this your SSB interview time, and looking for some GD and lecturette topics likely to be GD and Lecturette Topics: How Brain Drain can be stopped?? How Brain Drain can be stopped??asked in SSB. They you are on right place. you will be provided meterial here to prepare for the same.
a) Making a law
b) Better working condition in India
c) Financial Attraction

John Milton said even thing is in mind. Your mind can make heaven out of hell. Talent is not the preserve of a single country. There are proficient personnel in every country like scientist, experts in technology, men of literature or liberal arts. the painters, the artistes and so on. These extra¬ordinarily talented men and women contribute to the progress and prosperity of the land of their birth as well as bring excellence to their field of expertise. It is not uncommon that some of these brilliant persons are unable to obtain jobs to their environment. In such circumstances the person migrate to other lands and countries in search of better job prospects or more material comforts. This exodus or emigration has come to know in recent years as “BRAIN DRAIN”.

Making a law

The effect of brain drain will be a great loss that has enhanced national economy and development. In democratic set up country and world of globalisation no strict measures could be adopted. The only thing is that the high caliber men should come back and nurture the talent in buds to blossom and the country should adopt the allurement and recognition formula.

The talented men should appreciate the spirit of reciprocity. Since elimination of men is injustice disparities and partiality for developed country, the enlighted ones should guide depressed. As motherland is where there is height of glory, recognition of patronage and foreign land cannot provide the warmth and sincerity like home. The developing countries are the most affected ones in this loss of their skilled and talented persons. It is also no uncommon that an ambitious person in order to earn bigger wealth moves into foreign countries because his own country imposes too many restrictions, politically and legally on the attainment of his heart’s desires. The economic problems involved in the brain drain cannot be resolved so easily. While the state may try to offer all sorts of facilities as appear reasonable to these superior men and women, the latter should recognize and appreciate the spirit of reciprocity. These brainy persons should attempt to cultivate a greater love and devotion for their country and should not leave it at first opportunity.

Better working conditions

Human resource is the best resource of any country. Only thing is how you tap these resources because their resources never depreciate it because the preserve of a country is in abundance in every country. A major factor responsible for this exodus is the environment abroad,. You are given credit for what you do. Facilities are excellent. In India the environment corruption, inefficiency, bijii-pani issues drains one out. There is less pay, politics, company promises which are not adhered to. No work culture, and lack of transparency. Every state should work for the betterment of its citizens at least for the civic and political rights, which he is entitled for. Since money is the best motivator, more job opportunities should be provided.

NRIs must be given certain tax rebates to lure them. It is also felt that first generation is more attached to the native land, second generation which has been brought up in the foreign land which becomes an asset to that. The brains of the country require continuous nourishment, replenishment and advancement. Money, though a great temper, however cannot keep this super¬human being couped up within certain limit forever. They need an unending scope to help their genius bloom to maturity. They need fulfillment of their God-Gifted capabilities. It may be that material wealth is also a big allurement but it forms only a significant part of the fulfillment they need. But Reverse brain drain is bound to happen.

As the economy grows, the number of Indians going back to India would increase. India would get back its best and brightest, but only after suitable exposure to the West.

Financial Attraction

Whenever proficient and brilliant people are unable to obtain jobs of their satisfaction or unable to adjust to environment they migrate to other lands for job prospects and material comforts. It is not always the amount of salary but better opportunities and feeling of fulfillment. An IIT-ian with a fresh engineering Ph.D. could get about $70,000 per annum and a fresh Ph.D. in finance from a business school could get $130,000 per annum. In India, an MBA with an engineering degree could fetch Rs. 40,000-Rs. 80,000 per month. Since a man desires recognition of capability and greater appreciation for work, the brains of the country need nourishment, replenishment and advancement. When a scientist leaves his own country and opts for the other, what exactly motivates his action in that country he hopes to realise his dreams and also to give complete rope to ambition.

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