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This is very Important post as it will clear your doubts about the terms ACC, SCO, PCSL and it is also very important post from the point of view of your Group Discussion and lecturette as this may be your topic in GTO Section, so prepare it along with other topics i have provided.

  1. Increase Quota for women
  2. Increase Departmental Commission
  3. Reduce the Standard of SSB


                We haveone the largest Defence Forces in the world. We have to maintain these forcesbecause we have hostile neighbours. On one side is Pakistan, with whom we havefought 3 wars and the proxy war is still going on. On the other side, we havechina with whom we have territorial disputes and we fought a war in 1962.Today, all the three countries are nuclear mights. And it is said, “to givePeace a chance you have to be strong”. If we need to maintain a strong DefenceForce then the leadership should be in place and there should be no shortage ofofficers.

Increase Quota for Women

Army: 600 Short Service Commission women
IAF: 420 SSC Women
Navy: 100 SSC Women

                Atpresent, women serve in all non-combat arms, women Army officers are grantedonly a SSC of five years, extendable by another five. It is slightly better inthe IAF and Navy, where an initial 10 year tenure can be extended by anotherfour to five years.  It is only as doctoror nursing officers that they can hope for a permanent commission.
                The IAFhas no plans to have women fighter pilots like Isreal, the US, UK and someother countries. The Navy, similarly, does not allow women officers on boardsea-faring warships: if it reeks of a gender bias, the defence ministry is nottelling. “The decision to induct women was taken on an experimental basis in1991-1992. It has to be a gradual process of evolution” claims an official.
                Thereare also “practical” problems. “Women cannot be posted to field areas, Line ofControl, International Border etc. Permanent commission is not feasible at themoment due to service conditions”, he says. Women who constitute only 2-4percent of the total officers do not buy this.”After completing 10-15 years, weare left nowhere”, says an Army captain.
Increase Departmental Commission
                Everyofficer, who joins his unit, has a desire of commanding it one day. Similarlyevery Jawan has a desire of becoming the SM of his unit. Some of the brighteronce can rise to higher ranks. A Jawan, right from the day he joins his unittill he attains the age of 40 years, is given an opportunity to become acommissioned officer.


The age bracket for Commissioning through ACC is 27 years ofage. Some of the brighter recruits who are identified by their NCOs, JCOs andofficers on clearing the SSB are trained for 4 years and commissioned. SuchJawans can rise to the higher echelons within the Defence Services, as they arereasonably young.


The age bracket for the commissioning for SCO is 30 to 35years. Shortlisted candidates who have proved their worth in the unit afterclearing the SSB are commissioned after 1 year training at IMA. Such candidatesrise to the middle echelons of Defence Forces and they can also command theirparent unit.


Those who have missed the chance of ACC and SCO and are inthe age brackets of 35 to 40 years are given opportunity for commission purelyby virtue of putting in long and meritorious service in the forces. Onqualifying the SSB, they are made officers. Since age is against them they arepurely aborbed to fulfill the administrative requirement of the Defence Forces.

Reducing Standard of SSB

In the Defence he officer often have to give orders wherehuman life can be lost. Such orders are not given in other organizations. Ifdue faulty orders a Jawan is killed the repercussions are bad. It gives badname to the unit, financial loss to the government, loss of trained manpoweranddifficult tie for the family of the Jawan. The SSB system that we follow isscientifically based on time tested techniques. In 1999, when the IndianDefence Forces pushed the Pakistanis out of Kargil, it proved to all of us thatSSB system was working because it was the young officers cleared by the SSB,who led the JCOs and Jawans to a memorable victory. Hence the standard of SSBshould not be reduced. However, for entries like PCSL, some dilution ofconcession can be given as these individuals have proved their worth yearwithin their unit and since they do not have to physically lead the men in thewar zone, their se3lection can be softened.

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