Group Discussion/Lecturette Topics in SSB Interview ~ Should there be reservation in the Indian Army?

Guys this is all time hot Group discussion topic which is asked in SSB Interview, you may be of any caste you may be asked of your views on reservation in Indian Army then you have to present yourself in this manner in SSB Interview.All the post/topics i am posting are most important from the point of view of Group Discussion and Lecturette in SSB.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Leave the army alone


For quite some time national interest has been used as anexcuse to block caste based reservation in the armed forces. False concern hasbe created over the issue, with alarmists citing impending disaster fornational defence if caste-based reservation is implemented in the Forces.                Suchinductions, we are repeatedly told, would compromise the strength of the army.The question that needs to be asked is, would a preferential policy reallyweaken the defence system of the country?                To mymind, there is no relationship between caste background and the military caliberrequired to defend the country. If that were the case, lower caste soldiers wouldnot have been recipients of gallantry awards. If the Indian Army can claim tohave done well with personnel from certain caste background, why shouldpreferential policy based on social background be detrimental to itscredibility? Soldiers are not born, they are made robust trough rigoroustraining.                Secondly,protection is the primary concern both in the defence and the civil sphere, theformer requires an army with rifles, while the latter requires an army withbrooms to protect the civil order from epidemics. Thus, both these armies areentitled to equal recognition. But do they get equal recognition from thesocio-political system?                Armypersonnel deservedly get recognition, but the sanitary army gets humiliation.If the Army is treated as an essential sphere of recognition, why not offer anopportunity to Dalits to get into the Army through reservation so that theyalso get equal recognition?                Arethey not entitled to equal recognition? Should they not move from scavenginginto more generic roles? Is it not the moral responsibility of society toadvocate the placement of disadvantaged people either in the private sector orin the military establishment?                Shouldthe opponents of reservation get away by saying, “Let the scheduled castes andDalits stay where they are, they should not demand preferential treatment indefence?”                Suggestthat caste-based reservation should be introduced in the Army for certain socialgroups under compulsion and conviction. That is because marginalized groups arecompelled to target the defence sector as other job opportunities are fastwithering away.                Theargument that representation of Dalits in the Army will Jeopardise nationalsecurity is weak. In fact, National Defence will actually be strengthened ifall sectors of Indian society are accommodated in the process without anyrelaxation in the rigour of training.


                The Indian Army s perhaps the most secular entity in thecountry it does not differentiate between caste, religion or any such groups.It is a homogenous organization and reservation is an alien world in its rankand file. In fact, any kind of reservation will go against the army’s cultureof total homogeneity and secularism. Recruitment is purely merit-based. Anyonewho meets the physical, educational and other such mandatory standards of theArmy, can apply and get selected after going through a strict selectionprocess.                Itrecruits under two broad categories. The first comprisesof various regimentssuch as the Jat, Sikh, Garhwal and Kumaon Regiment. These are made of soldierswith a similar background.                 Thesecond category is the all-India one. Here, recruitment is done across thecountry based on merit. Most of the services fall within this category. Theseinclude the ordnance Corps, Army service Corps, signals corps, Electrical andMechanical Engineers etc.                Certainstates such as Punjab and Haryana and regions like Garhwal, Kumaon etc, have anedge as they have higher quotas, while states such as West Bengal and Gujarathave lower quotas. But that has nothing to do with caste-based reservation.Then there are certain mixed regiments like the Mahar Regiment fromMaharashtra, which has a representation of backward class from the state. Votariesof reservation in the armed forces are doing it more as a political gimmick. Itis vote-bank politics, and there is no place for politics in the Army. Indeed,the British had classified India on the basis of martial and non-martialcommunities. But now recruitment is purely merit-based.                Infact, in all the wars since 1947, soldiers from diverse backgrounds haveexcelled themselves. What mattered most to them is that they are Indians. Therewas no place for caste, or community-based divisions.

Leave the army alone

                TheArmy has been involved in war since independence. India is the only country inthe world which has so many hostile neighbours and the Indian army is the onlyorganization which loses 5 men daily. However despite all odds, the army hasnever let down the country, be it in war, Tsunami, flood or earthquake. It isone organization which goes about its work without corruption, in a disciplinedand meticulous manner, executing drills which are based on time tested formats.                It isan apolitical organization which believes in homogeneity and secularism ieMMG(Mandir, Masjid and Gurudwara). I feel that the politicians should leave theorganization alone and not rake up issues which may disturb its very fibre.Recruitment in the Army is based on State/District basis and fairrepresentation is given to all. The various units of Indian army have worked asa well-oiled machine and produced result in war and peace-time duties sinceindependence. The latest example is that of relied operations post-earthquakein J&K when people shouted slogans like send Gurkhas, Jats, not Maftis. Thefauji bhai today has izzat in the society which he has earned through sacrificeand sweat, and the public recognize it. Hence, the best is to leave the Armyalone.
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