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The Importance of Good Dressing to create a better Impact during SSB Interview.

Guys this is really important to wear perfect dress on perfect occasion, you are getting a chance to go for SSB Interview then why to compromise with cloths just buy some branded clothes from the market and let me tell you some points you should focus upon for dressing up for your SSB Interview and some points about your posture and walking gait.

what should you wear in SSB interviewDressing Tips for SSB Interview

What do I wear and when?

  • Wear clothes which are right for the impression you want to create.
  • Avoid anything that might contradict that impression.
  • Consider all aspects of appearance, from hair length for men to the amount of make up worn for women.

A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life. ……Oscar Wilde

  • Unlike the contents of one’s wallet or one’s personal values, clothing is highly visible and is brimming with clues about the wearer’s background.

Dressing to Win 

  •       Wear for the job you want.
  •       Avoid wearing black – it arouses negative emotions : untrustworthy, sinister and potentially violent.
  •       Avoid bright colours, loud checks etc.
  •       Clothes that Suit. Clothes should suit your build.
  •       Criss-cross stripes and ruffles would appear to lend some girth to slim people.
  •       Checks lend dimension to fat people making them look fatter.
  •       Harmony of Colours. Trick is to wear few colours at a time so that they blend and harmonise with each other. Colours should compliment one’s complexion.
  •       Women should wear only mild perfume.
  •       Preferably don’t carry anything in the top pocket.
  •       Unlike in theatre or art organisation, a beard or long hair do not go well with professional or commercial organisations.

      A good frame of glasses enhances your looks. Choice depends upon the shape of your nose and face.                                                 

  • Round Face. Frames with straight tops   and sides which angle inward to a straight bottom. This strengthens the cheek bone.                                                     
  • Square Face. Slightly rounded or curved frame to lengthen your face.
  • Oblong Face. Frames with large, wide with straight bottoms and thick rounded sides. These will add width and make features appear shorter and angular.
  • Diamond Shaped. Wide cheeks and narrow chin can be disguised by glasses which are oval with wide tops and straight sides.
  • Triangular Shaped. Broad forehead and narrowed chin need to be balanced with light frames with curved bottoms.

Remember for Good Impression Management.

Nails. Dirty, chewed or poorly trimmed fingernails give a very poor impression.
Unhealthy Complexion. Your skin is an accurate reflection of your health. Correct diet and healthy exercise can do much to improve your complexion.
Badly Polished Shoes. Spend some time and money on shoeshine especially back of the heel

How to Improve Your Posture and Walking Gait


   1. Stand upright, shoulders relaxed, arms hanging.
   2. Unwind your muscles generally. Do not confuse with ramrod stance of guards on parade.                 
   3. Tuck in your tail to strengthen the spine. This also draws in the stomach.                              
   4. Tighten your buttocks and flatten your abdomen as though preparing for a blow.                         
   5. Drop your shoulders, but keep them at right angles to the ground, neither drooping nor pulled.            
   6. Raise the ribcage by drawing the body upwards slightly, keeping your chin parallel to the floor.

Improve Your Walking Stance

 While walking keep your weight slightly forward and move with a flowing stride, swinging your legs from the hips. Imagine that a large hand is applying gentle pressure to your bottom. Instead of pulling yourself by lifting the knees too high (which is how an average person walks), push yourself forward from the ‘center’ of the body, the abdomen.

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