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Guys i have uploaded 60 WAT words in my previous post for practice, today i am uploading more WATWord association test Practice setsWord Association Test Practice Setwords for practice in today’s post i have uploaded more than one positive sentence to each word so that you can easily understand the logic and concept of WAT formation. Read the word and its related sentence formed, more words you will practice the idea for WAT formation will be more cleared.



  • Indian Politician should think collectively as a unit beforesigning the Indo-US Nuclear Deal.
  • Think before you speak.
  • Indian think tanks of scientist have done a commendable jobin launching of the foreign satellites.


  • Indian women are shy by nature.
  • Indian should not feel shy in dealing with china onBrahmaputra issue.
  • Government should not be shy to beat back corruption.


  • The white tiger by Arvind Adiga won the bookers prize award.
  • Indian legendary stories are fascinating.
  • Stories by war heroes are very inspiring.


  • India has the largest rail network in Asia.
  • Best form of commuting.
  • Train takes people to destination.


  • Short holidays lead to relaxation.
  • Short and brisk reactions by players lead to win matches inbasket ball.
  • Short spells of rain are fascinating during monsoons.


  • Test to check knowledge.
  • India and Pakistan are in competition to test fire nuclearweapon.
  • Test for validation of people.


  • Respect time; follow a strict time schedule to succeed.
  • US assault by drones is a novel method to penetrate enemydefenses.
  • Time and Tide waits for none.


  • Inflation gives worry to RBI; measures are required to beatback inflation due to drop in rupee value in terms of dollar.
  • IAEA safeguard gave India many agreements from France andRussia.
  • Give and take is an old policy, share knowledge amongst yourfriends.


  • Lehman brothers cannot beat back recessionary trends in USA.
  • Mortgage of loans by the companies drive the worlds ineconomic financial crisis.
  • Drive and determination leads to success.


  • Polio-drop camp is often initiated to give polio-vaccine tothe children and fight back the disease.
  • Awareness on sexual contact can often prevent AIDS.
  • People often commit common sense mistakes.


  •  Pick and choose thebest electronics items from the world market, lot of options are availabletoday.
  • World is picking India for trade partner.
  • US choose Barack Hussain Obama as 44th President.


  • India and Pakistan should genuinely strive for peace inSouth Asia.
  • India genuinely needs up-liftment in standard of living andfighting out corruption.
  • Depletion of ozone layer is a genuine problem fight backglobal warming.


  • India should prepare to fight back social issues at thegrassroot level.
  • India is in a state of preparedness to fight backilliteracy.
  • India is a definite need to fight back inflation due slumpin world market.


  • There is a definite need to fight back corruption at highplaces in our nation. Find ways and means to punish defaulters.
  • Traces of water have been identified on the surface of themoon.
  • NASA finds water deposits on mars soil is a new revelation.


  • Natural beauty is very alluring, the Himalayan ranges is atrue example.
  • Global warming is causing threat to natural environment.
  • It is natural to find people rise to glory, who work hard inlife.


  • PM Manmohan Singh is keen to settle Lokpal Bill and hoardingof Black Money.
  • Meeting between foreign ministers and confidence buildingmeasures between India and Pakistan is encouraging.
  • SAARC meet will bring dynamic changes in South Asia.


  • India and China has to take each other confidence; else itmay lead to a war like situation in the Eastern Sector.
  • Strict action is desired to be taken at International Levelto beat back terrorism.
  • Government should take action to beat back poverty in ournation.


  • India always mistook Pakistan to be our will wisher.
  • It is a great mistake to delay punishment to the traitorsinvolved in parliament attack.
  • Learn from your mistakes and perform better after dueintrospection.


  • Indo-US nuclear deal is a good idea to beat back energycrisis.
  • Good innovative ideas are required to resolve Kashmir issueproblem.
  • Great minds always exhibit great ideas, learn from theteachings of Swami Vivekanand.


  • Russia and France are keen to improve trade relation withIndia.
  • India is keen to cut its carbon emission by 10 per cent andensure the safe guards as committed in Cancun summit on global warming.
  • South Asian nations should show keenness towards cooperationand mutual respect of territorial disputes.


  • Illiteracy is like a disease to our society, government istalking definite measures to beat back illiteracy.
  • Poverty is a disease to our economic development.
  • H1N1 is a new disease and has to be dealt through inventionof new vaccine.


  • India’s progress in space science is admirable by initiatingNew Chandrayan mission in near future.
  • Moon emits soothing light, which is very romantic on fullmoon days.
  • It is a sight to view monument Taj Mahal during full moondays.


  • Barack Hussain Obama is the first black American to beelected as president of United State of America.
  • Lt. Arun Kheterpal, PVC is a proud son of India who broughtvictory to the nation during 1971 operation.
  • Bhagat singh is a true son of our nation to beat back theBritishers Colonial rule.

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