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GTO Observings: How to Impress GTO & Tips for Effective Participation in GD

Guys there is no special trick to impress GTO or making your group discussion good, but few point arekeep in mind and automatically your Group Discussion will be far better than others. Read out the following points carefully and try to work upon.

What is the GTO Observing

  • Your information level and GK is seen through the content of your views.
  • Your ability to support your views with logical and meaningful arguments.
  • How organized is your thought process.
  • Your ability to express your views with complete clarity and ease. The same will only happen if you have the above given abilities.
  • Your social attributes are seen through the way you engage others in the discussion.
  • How balanced are your views about the socio-economic and geo-political environment of our society.
  • Your self confidence and energy level is observed.
  • What kind of impact (negative or positive) are you creating on the others in the group is observed.
  • Your ability to withstand, and gracefully bounce back, from the set backs received through counter arguments given by others.
  • Your mental stamina to remain continuously visible in a positive manner in the GD is seen.

Tips for Effective Participation

  • Be an early entrant into the GD. Speaking first is not necessary, however speak early so that someone else does not give away the point you wanted to say.
  • Do not speak continuously, as you may appear to be overbearing, so, speak more often, for lesser duration each time. 
  • Give concise points relevant to the lead that you are supporting. Do not take off at a tangent.
  • Preferably do not switch your lead and support it till the end of the discussion. However you could link your lead with  some relevant point with the other lead and speak.
  • Remember it is not a debate, so your endeavour should not be to prove the other person wrong, but to support your lead with good logical arguments.
  • The greater your knowledge base, the better you will be able to speak. Try and quote some facts and figures and also give some examples from history/ recent times to augment you views.
  • Be sensitive to the point of view and participation of others, encourage them as they give their views and look very interested in their view point, even if it is ordinary.
  • Do not be rude, radical or anti-establishment by blaming the systems, authority figures and the Govt.
  • Always remain composed, cheerful and show a high, positive energy level. Maintain a smiling and pleasant disposition.
  • Do not lock horns unnecessarily with someone who is argumentative. Remain friendly, but firm while giving your point of view.

Finally, if you are well informed, logical,  well groomed and a friendly person you will shine in the GD. However, to know where you stand and assess your true potential you will have to physically participate in multiple GDs before leave for your SSB.

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