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Word Test Association PRACTICE SET – 1 

The bestway to score good in WAT is to practice more word ifyou have tendency to write the sentence after seeing the word Instantlythen its good otherwise learn all the words given in

This setthen 80% of your WAT questions will besolved within seconds, believe me friends practicethese 60 words, I am Putting 60 Word Association Test (WAT words) here and more words will be uploaded in my next Practice set.


Samples words For Practice:

(1) Imagination isa work of creative mind.

 Imagination creates foresight.(2) A responsiblecitizen is truthful to his work.

 A truth is always victorious.

(3) Admirationreflects appreciation.

 Admiring others motivate them.

(4) A good officertakes his decision early.

 An early riser is always high rise in life.

(5) A good captainhas strong determination to win a match.

 A strong will power leads to success.

(6) Curiosity reflectseagerness for knowledge.

 Curiosity builds knowledge.

(7) Laughing makesa person happier.

 Laughing reflects cheerfulness.

(8) Brave boys donot cry.

 A brave never cries.

(9) Good discussionreflects health learning environment.

 An open discussion shows transparency.

(10)Brave girls do notneed anybody’s sympathy.

Sympathy reflects a kindheart.

(11)Goodcitizen never performs crime.

A criminal never goesunpunished in the eyes of law.

(12)House is a firstcommunity of a child.

A good house isthe umbrella for the family.

(13)Happiness overcomessorrow.

Joys overcomes sorrow.

(14)Thinking reflectsby one’s attitude.

Positive thinkingpositive attitude.

(15)Character isreflected by one’s deed.

Character is the pillarof personality.

(16)Cheerfulnessovercomes sadness.

Happiness over sadness.

(17)Exam is the index ofone’s merit.

Exams are the testingtools of knowledge.

(18)Brightness overcomesblindness.

Blind trust is createdby god leaders.

(19)A good army adducerguides her soldiers properly.

Funding is the art ofleadership.

(20)A good teacher isable to solve the problem of the student

Ability demonstratesqualities.

(21)An intelligentstudent scores will in exam.

High scores reflectshigh achievements.

(22)Women are respectedin the Indian society.

Women deserves equalrights from society.

(23)A good captaincommands over his players properly.

Command over language isthe art of speaking.

(24)A good officerwatches the things keenly.

Command over language isthe art of speaking.

(25)Custom reflects thecultural entity of the country.

Close watch is necessaryfor security reason.

(26)Success isthe mark of achievement.

Every success leads toanother success in life.

(27)Courage overcomes fearfulness.

(28)Doctor givesprecautions for the will-being of the patient.

Good patients precaution avoidsany problem later.

(29)Strictness reflectsdiscipline.

Strict rule creatediscipline.

(30)A good captain jumpsto grab the opportunity to win the match.

Jumping to great heightsshow glories of success.

(31)Knowledgeovercomes anxiety.

A scholar is alwaysanxious to develop his knowledge.

(32)A good student struggles toget success in his goal.

Struggles make a personstrong.

(33)A good officer isnever empty minded of ideas.

A good leader makesempty promises to other.

(34)College is a placewhere the students excel I their field.

College is a gateway to higher learning.

(35)Proper knowledgeremoves confusion.

A good officer nevergets confused while taking a decision.

(36)A good politicianruns the system efficiently.

Systematic workingalways brings good results.

(37)A good friend neverthinks of harming his own friend.

Good precautionsovercome harmful effect.

(38)Merit is theevaluation of the individual’s efforts.

High merit demonstrateshigh virtues.

(39)Temper reflects thepresent state of mind of an individual.

Cool temper showsbalanced personality.

(40)A good captain playsthe match with a good team spirit.

Team efforts always leadto success.

(41)A good officer nevertakes childish decision.

Maturity overcomeschildishness.

(42)Weapon reflects themilitary strength of a country.

Latest weapon win thewar.

(43)Friendship overcomesloneliness.

(44)A good captain isalways hungry for winning a match.

Hunger for knowledge isthe quality of a scholar.

(45)Calmness overcomesaggressive nature.

Aggressive policies makea leader strong.

(46)A good manager workfor the excellence of the organization.

Hard work alwaysproduces fruitful results.

(47)A true officer isnever greedy of any reward.

A good scientist isalways greedy to invent new things in life.

(48)Father is a figureof love and respect.

A good father is a rolemodel for the family.

(49)A good captain neverfires upon his players.

Firing target shows theskill of fighting forces.

(50)A good student isregular towards his studies.

Regular practice alwaysbrings perfection.

(51)Coeducation reflectshealthy learning environment.

Coeducation buildscooperation between men and women.

(52)A true judge givesjustice to the victim.

True justice alwaysobedient to authority.

(53)A good student isobedient to her teachers.

A good officer is alwaysobedient to authority.

(54)Criticism is goodfor the healthy interaction.

Healthy criticism improvesany size.

(55) Playing is agood exercise.

Fair play reflectsimpartiality.

(56)Bridge overcomesdistance.

Fair play reflectsimpartially.

(57)A goodleader addresses the crowd efficiently.

Crowd creates goodleaders.

(58)A good army officerleads her soldiers intelligently.

An intelligent personalways solves problem.

(59)An obedient daughternever hides anything from her mother.

A brave neversurrenders.

(60)Energy overcomesfatigue.

Good stamina overcomes fatigue.






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