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a)      Proper Dress Codeb)     No Dress codec)      Any other Way

The freedom of choosing one’s clothes isone of the biggest perks in college. But the ‘irresponsible’ manner of somestudents and the dictatorial behavior of authorities had irked collegians, theissue of dress code prevails more in urban cities and less in rural areas.Wherever a dress code associated with fashion is talked about, the thought ofMiranda College, LSR, Ferguson College comes in mind. A teenager goes to collegewith education in mind, because he is, at that juncture of life, about to stepinto a career. This is the most crucial stage of a teenager because he stepsinto a New World with new desires, aspirations, aims and also a mood to enjoyfreedom. If he concentrates more on his studies, it will go a long way, whichwill help him to settle down in his life. Hence minor distractions like dresscode should be kept away.

ProperDress Code

   We all have followed a very strict dresscode in our schools. We took pride to wear school uniforms and ensured that itis always kept clean. Whenever our dress was not up to the mark our teachersand prefects ticked us off. This ensured a certain amount of discipline in usand this has always helped us to keep our uniform clean. Colleges areabsolutely justified in prescribing a dress code for students. Colleges, DUcolleges in particular, have become fashion hot-spots rather than centers oflearning. Students must realize that college years are the most crucial forbuilding a career. They should not be frittered away in non-serious pursuitslike following the latest fashion. Single-minded devotion to studies duringcollege is tough but is the surest way to achieve success in life. Fashion andphones are distractions. Students are bound to be lured by them. It is for thecollege authorities to put effective checks in place. In the long run studentswill thank them for it. Every one cannot afford to wear new, expensive dressevery day. Hence a dress code ensures that children from weaker economicbackgrounds do not feel inferior. Moreover dress code brings about feeling ofoneness and unity among the students and bonding is built up.

NoDress code

      A person has a right to wear dress,which he or she likes or wishes to wear. Normally this issue gets blown out.When girls start wearing provocation dresses in college. No wonder we oftennear the principals of Girls College talking about the dress code. At StStephen, they do not have a prescribed dress code except for the dining room.But there is a clear understanding of what one can and cannot wear. The issue isnot what one wears but how one wears it. A sari is one of the most modestdress, yet it can perception of what college stand for. If they think it is nota serious workplace there will be problems. There have been occasions whengirls wearing jeans or skirts have been denied admissions in the colleges oreven rusticated. The responsibility lies on both the child and the parents toensure to meet the standards of our culture and society. However, some freedommust be given to the children once they enter the college. If they can be givenright to vote then they can be given the right to choose their desired dresscode. There is a famous saying “jab Beta ka Paer Bap ki Juutti me Aye UsaeJyade Tokna nahi Chahiye”

AnyOther Way

If a person is not wearing clothes thatsuit the college environment, then he should be told that. But harsh behaviorwould get no one anything. Girls should know the kind of outfits that aredecent enough to be worn in a co-educational college.
There has to be a middle path between decencyand fashion-consciousness. The right approach should be followed and studentsshould be patiently explained where they are going wrong, if they are followingthe wrong track.
We need to maintain a balance in collegeenvironment and need to ensure discipline and a desired atmosphere to conductproper education. At the same time a certain degree of freedom to the childrenshould be given. Hence it would be a reasonable idea to instruct children towear college dress, for two or three days a week and other days they can weardresses of their own choice. The college staff should keep a look out onchildren wearing improper dresses, they should be politely apprised of thisfact. You are going to a temple of learning, not a fashion parade. Dress codesare not needed. What is needed is a moral code.
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