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a)     Training
b)     Modernization
c)      Having better relation with the public

In a society, where thousands of peoplelive, differences / problems among individuals are bound to occur. Thesedifferences sometimes end up in crime from petty thefts to dacoities, tomurder, to kidnapping and, more lately to cyber crime. The police is the mostimportant government agency which maintains law and order. Hence it becomes ofparamount important that the police force remain in healthy state.


      For any government agency to work effectively, training is an importantaspect. If the training is lacking, the efficiency will go down. Every job hasa peculiar training requirement. A policeman has to deal with the public andhas long working hours hence the first and foremost requirement is that heshould be mentally and physically healthy. Secondly, to take the criminal to aconclusive trial, he should be an expert at collecting evidence. Thirdly, heshould be an expert in handling weapon and equipment because often situationsarise when force has to bring the offender to the book.


        Gone are the days when Jaggu Dada was responsible of all crimes in alocality. Today so many people are involved in various kinds of crime thatpolice investigations has become a very difficult task. Hence the need for modernization.The police today heavily banks on computers to store and record various kindsof data. They need proper weapons to incapacitate the offender. A water cannonrather than tear gas shells is better to break a hostile rally. They need abetter and more reliable communication network. Lastly, they need swift andbetter transport to physically apprehend the culprits. The police also need theassistance of the doctor fraternity to prove crime.

Betterrelation with the public

         In our country, the public has a fear of the police. We are fed withnumerous stories of the bad treatment/experience individuals had in dealingwith the police. A few black sheep who exist in every department give a badname to organization. Police all over the country is trying to improve itsimage. No wonder the Delhi Police has coined the slogan, “With you, for you,always.” Today, the SHOs of police stations are easily available and ghey briefthe public on the latest situation of their case. Senior police officials holdpublic durbars where public grievances are resolved. On the other hand it isalso the duty of the public grievances are resolved. On the other hand it isalso the duty of the public to cooperate and give regard to the policepersonnel. Public encouragement will motivate him to perform better. A betterPolice-Public relation will go a long way to clean the society.

Whatshould be done 

  1. Theemphasis should be on crime control through people’s participation and fear ofuniform must be removed.
  2.  Instill a sense of security amongst the peopleand senior citizen.
  3. Police officers must patrol beats.
  4. Emphasis must be to crack down even petty crimeto show who is in control.
  5. Effective police personnel must be rewarded.

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