Hindi Vs English is very important topic in Debates in Schools, colleges and it may be asked in Group Discussion or in Lecturette in SSB Interview. This is multipurpose article you should read for your knowledge.
Group Discussion on HIndi vs EnglishHindi Vs English Group Discussion
a)     Hindi as National Language                    

b)     Hindi as Official Languagec)      English as Official Language

The debate about making Hindi as NationalLanguage and English as Official of Link Language is very old. It started withthe framing of our constitution. Under the British rule, English was thelanguage of higher education and administration. After independence, thepoliticians in the North stated pleading that Hindi be made the Official Languageof India,  while those is South insistedon English to be continued as Link Language. The matter was discussed in theConstituent Assembly and a compromise formula was evolved. The officiallanguage of the Union shall be Hindi in Devanagri script but English shallcontinue to be used for all the official purposes for 15 years from the date ofcommencement of constitution.

Hindias National Language

           After the independence, Indian states were reorganized on the basis ofregional languages. States in North India have Hindi speaking people. He statesin East, West, and South have their own regional languages. The people in thesestates do not fully comprehend Hindi. Overall, majority of people in Indiaspeak Hindi. An independent country has to have its own national language.Since Hindi is spoken by the most of a people, the choice naturally falls onHindi.

Hindias Official Language

            It is well known fact that a person is capable of expressing best in themother tongue. Since, most people in India speak Hindi, it is natural thatHindi be made the official language of India. The non-Hindi states can beencouraged to learn Hindi. Efforts have been made to introduce Hindi in schoolsof the states where it is not the mother tongue. The younger generations inthese states are growing learning Hindi. In spite of the best efforts by theCentral Govt. to propagate Hindi in the non-Hindi states, there has been aconsiderable resistance against its imposition. The opposition to Hindi inthese states is expected to slow down with the passage of time.              Hindi has a rich heritage andliterature. It has successfully replaced English in the fields ofAdministration, judiciary and medium of instruction in Higher learning in someof the states in the North. Hindi can easily replace English as OfficialLanguage of India.

Englishas Official Language

               English is the language,which is spoken and understood throughout India by the educated people. It canbe better link language than any of the Indian languages including Hindi.English is already in use in India in higher administration, higher learningand higher judiciary. There is a widespread network of English medium publicschools throughout the country. English is no more the language of elite, it isthe language of all educated people who want to grow and excel in theirrespective fields.               The main reason for the boom inInformation Technology in India has been the availability of English speakingpeople. The young boys and girls could talk on telephone to American in theiraccent sitting in call centers in India. The Americans find it cheaper tooutsource their Business Processes Financial Accounting, Legal documentation,Medical Transcription to India, because skilful people in India can work onthese processes in English.                English is language ofBusiness, Science and Technology. It is spoken and understood all over theworld. It is the medium of international communication. With globalization ofour economy it has become necessary to retain English as the official languageso as to interact internationally. At the same time it would be easier tocommunicate with different states in English.
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