HIV testing be made Mendatory Before Marrigae as Group Discussion Topic in SSB Interview

This can be a serious and confusing topic in Group Discussion in SSB. Read it here with related  points.
A)    The ScourgeB)     A measure to stop spreading of the diseaseC)     Ineffective Measure


  • AIDS is dreaded disease. It is notcurable, and is fatal.
  • Man has conquered many diseases bydiscovering effective medicines and vaccines. Some, like small pox have beeneradicated altogether. But some diseases like cancer and AIDS have remainedelusive in spite of the best efforts of the scientists throughout the world.Perhaps Biotechnology may provide an answer to fight such diseases.
  • The AIDS spreads through the bodyfluids of an infected person entering into the body of another person. T may bethrough blood transfusion or by repeated use of syringe for injecting severalpeople. AIDS may also spread through sexual contact with an infected person.
  • An infected person may initiallylead a normal life for a number of years before the symptoms of the diseasemanifest. The incidence of infection however, ne easily revealed by HIVtesting.
  • In the absence of any medicine forthe cure of AIDS, the only solution is to stop its spread by prevention.

A measure to stop spreading of the disease

  •             Pre-marital sex is commonwith men. Many young people leave their homes to take up jobs at far off placeswhere they are forced to live alone. They feel lonely and go out to find sexualrelease with willing partners. Usually they are lured by fast girls who goaround with boys for money. Many boys contact AIDS from such immoral girls andprostitutes. Since the symptoms of AIDS do not appear for many years, he mayget married and infect his innocent partner.
  • Society has become liberal thesedays. Boys and girls freely move around. With education and opportunities ofemployment the young boys and girls have become independent. The girls areemancipated. Some have steady partners and develop deep emotions for eachother. Sooner or later sexual contact is inevitable. So the girls can also getinfected before marriage. Mandatory testing of the couples before marriage isthe only solution to stop the spread of AIDS through the sacred institution ofthe marriage.

Ineffective Measure

  •               Any kind of mandatory testing iswrong. It is a violation of human rights. It is discriminatory in nature. Itworld be wrong on the part of Government to force the people to undergo. HIVtest before marriage. We know the fate of compulsory sterilization programeduring the emergency.
  • It is not only young people whofall prey to AIDS before marriage. Even married people require caution. Manypeople contact AIDS through ex married relationships and they infect theirpartners. Such incidences are very common among people who make frequentbusiness trips. What is the used HIV testing before marriage in such cases?
  • In country where villagers andsmall towns do not have even a decrease hospital and laboratories, how can oneexpert people to get themselves testing for HIV? Even the expenditure involved,Rs. 5000 for testing is very high. How can young people especially poor peopleafford it?
  • The government should considermaking people aware of the danger of contracting AIDS. It should run awarenessprogrammers throughout the country. AIDS counseling centers should beestablished to educate people about the preventive steps to avoid contactingAIDS.

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