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What should you prepare before going to SSB Interview? 

How to Prepare and Where To Prepare?

SSB interview preparation first chapter.Beginning Guide/ First step for SSB AspirantsGuys Today only i was chatting with one of my facebook friend and I just realised that SSB Aspirants Don’t Even know What to Prepare before going for SSB, What are the major points need to prepare and they even don’t understand the importance of PIQ form,  no doubt she was totally new to this field. So i decided to write this post for you all, If you are just a new commer for SSB Preparation. If it is your first step for Preparation of SSB then you are at right place. Go threw this post carefully it will provide you a clear idea of how to prepare.
For all who even Dont know the routine at SSB, First please read my post HERE. If you know the schedule then work on step by step development make each section good.

Important Preparation Before Going For SSB Intervew-

  1. Guys Firstly i will recommend you to prepare for PPDT( Picture Perception and Description Test) with great efforts because if you will not be screened in then there is no use for other preparations.
  2. Your IQ Section should be good but my personal experience says that they don’t check Test copies on Screening Day as crowd is too much and they have less time. So prepare for it but PPDT is most important.
  3. Your GD preparation for GD done after PPDT should be good and for that you should be able to speak good english.
  4. Once you screened in PIQ form will be filled, this plays a real role in building you as they take all your info and check you, that you are doing/performing according to filled PIQ or not. Read TIPS for This.
  5. If you Have Practiced PPDT then you will not feel problem in facing TAT both are similar and need practice.
  6. In GTO section i will recommend you to maintain some physical stamina. Some takes it lite but my personal experience says that tasks are easy but they are in continuous fashion that they will check your stamina and can feel you tired. 
  7. For Group Planning Exercise and Progressive Group Tasks( GPE and PGT), do some prior practice form material i have provided.
  8. For Personal Interview, i will advice to prepare well and prepration is must for it.

How to Prepare:

For PPDT: Guys i have provided step by step posts for PPDT preparation with lots of examples and practice sets. First Read basics the examples and then practice yourself keeping the time duration in mind.

Golden Tip* Stuents if you are really serious for SSB then please do this practice with me, Do write your PPDT  and TAT story below every PPDT and TAT post in Comment, This will expose you to real environment. Here i will spot your errors and will guide towards improvement.Try writing a story HERE NOW…..Write your story in Comment box.

For TAT: Apply the same procedure as told above for TAT practice

For WAT: If you can write some factual sentence it is good else Do learn some sentence given in my post for quick sentence formation. It may not be a legal advice but you can prefer it if you want. Also i have covered Every thing form intro to end in my WAT posts.

For Self  Description: I have written some sample self description examples read all examples and then prepare yours some days before going for SSB interview.

For Situation Reaction Test SRT :  I have provided lots of SRTs for practice do read them and prepare well. Tips are also given in various posts separately.

For Group Discussion: Dear all i have focused on GD more in my blog a lots of topics are there with lots of tips providing articles go and read them.

For GPE and PGT: Be spontaneous and daring feel like a warrior and do it like a lion. Read my posts for practice.
For PI: Again m saying to focus you on your PIQ form, personal interviewer will put you in a dark corner if you will not answer him according to your PIQ or if you are unable to answer him. Analyse and make a research on every point you are writing on PIQ form, i have provided mine as a sample read it + Make a good command on present happening in world start listening English news and reading The Hindu newspaper.

Where to prepare:

There are several other portals for SSB Interview Preparation like mine but i have provided a good and far better interface for you. Everthing here i have tried to maintain in order navigation is perfect. And articles is genuine not copied. Go threw my complete blog and i can say surely that you will finally say ” I Can Make it “.
Mention in comments if you still feel any doubt. Changes and improvement are suggested by you only if you have any then tell in comment. If you have some share worthy for others mail me i will publish it by your name on my website and i will pay a special thanks.
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