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WAT Word for Practice: Sample Word Set 4

I have previously uploaded many WAT words for practice and now again i have bring out more Words here for your better practice. Please refer to my previous post of 200+ Words association Test which consist of 40 Words and now remaining i am uploading here-
Word Association Test: Words for PracticeWord association test in SSB

·        Osama Bin laden was a great traitor in the fieldof global terrorism.·        Ajmal kasab was a traitor to the nation involvedin 26/11 attack in Mumbai operation at hotel Taj.·        Afzal guru was a great traitor to the nationinvolved in planning terrorist activities in our nation.
Canteen    ·        Value added tax has been imposed in canteens.·        Canteen to relax and enjoy with friends.·        Canteen to revitalize and rejuvenate afterprolonged hours of study and work.
Courage·        RBI courageously inducted 185000 crore intosystem to beat back recessionary trends in our nation.·        Major Manoj Talwar displayed exemplary courageduring Kargil operation.·        Captain Vikram Batra, PVC courageously foughtPakistani rangers during Kargil operatives.
Sure ·        Work hard and be sure of your success, always bea fighter not a quitter.·        India is sure to beat back energy crises in thenear future.·        There is no surety to beat back the ill designsof moist action in the affected areas of Jharkhand, etc.
Discipline ·        Indian army is known for disciplined soldiers.·        Discipline is part of life, implement it and seethe difference.·        Discipline is the bed rock of success; followthe principles of great people like Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.
Operation ·        Operation blue star brought peace in Punjab andfought back bravely the ill designs of the militants.·        Operation Vijay proved successful during Kargiloperations.·        Operation to fight back Naxilism and terrorismis a big issue in front of the government.
Curse ·        Poverty is a curse to the manking; step shouldbe taken to be poverty ridden nation.·        Corruption is a great curse to economicdevelopment. The defaulters should be punished.·        AIDS is curse to society.
Adventure ·        Sky diving and Para sailing is a good adventuresport.·        India is adventurous to promote projects throughIndo-France agreement to beat back energy crisis.·        Conquering of Mount Everest by Tenzing Norkayand his team was an adventurous feat in the international areas.
Crime ·        Dowry is the biggest crime against women in ournation.·        Child labour is the worst crime; measures shouldbe taken to beat back the menace.·        Criminals should be given an exemplarypunishment involved in terrorist activities.
Difficult ·        Difficult situations like corruption can betackled by peaceful negotiations and settlement within the framework of theconstitution.·        Indo-US nuclear deal will bring solution to ournation and beat back the difficult problem of energy crisis.·        Jammu and Kashmir is a difficult issue, Indiaand Pakistan should resolve amicably else other nations may take advantage ofthe crucial situations.
Impossible ·        Nothing is impossible, nations have to sittogether to fight back global warming.·        Chandrayan-1 will try to develop 3-D atlas and configurationsof the moon which is a impossible mission , let us hope to succeed in themission.·        Impossible means, I am possible.
Easy ·        RBI has brought a temporary ease on the impactof financial crisis in India.·        Easy money is dangerous for the growth of thepeople; voluntary disclosure scheme should be introduced to beat back blackmarketing.·        Easy approach does not lead to success.
Dead ·        Major Barta, PVC died a martyr death during theKargil operation.·        Lt. Arun Khetrapal, PVC of 17 Poona Horse laiddown his life during 1971 war.·        Honor killing is leading to mysterious death ofyoung people, the practice should be arrested.
Discourage ·        Pakistan tried to discourage the indo-US nucleardeal by external intervention by other nations.·        India should discourage china againstconstruction of Barrage and Brahmaputra River.·        Young minds should focus towards development ofour nation and should not be discouraged by minor setbacks.
Shoot ·        Abhinav bindra brought gold medal to our nationin 10m air rifle shooting during Olympics.·        Col. Rajvarsshan Rathore brought the firstsilver medal in shooting during Olympics and brought fame to the Indian army.·        Shoot to kill, sustained shooting practiceshould be taken by para military forces to beat back Maoist activities in thejungle terrain
Kill·         Corruption is killing our nation, we shouldbring changes to fight back the evil practices of corrupt people.·        Shoot to kill, improve your perception and snubyour opponents.·        Kill bad habits, germs and grow in life.
Happiness ·        Barack Hussain Obama’s win as president of USAbrought happiness to the black people in the nation.·        Happiness is a state of mind, you can developit.·        Everyday is a new day, be happy and takechallenges in life.
Guilty ·        Dhananjay Chatterjee was found guilty in rapingHeten Parikh.·        Terrorist guilty of 26/11 and militant action inMumbai during July 2011 should be brought to task.·        Person’s found guilty towards transfer of moneyto Swiss bank should be punished.


Brother·        India and Pakistan should maintain brotherlyrelations and bring peace to the continent.·        America is acting as a big brother to theAfrican nations.·        Love between brothers is a binding factor in thefamily.
Neighbour ·        India share good relations with its neighbours.·        SAARC summit, play a vital role to improvesituations in South Asia.·        China is not a trusted neighbour in the presentscenario.
Nobel ·        Rabindra Nath Tagore was conferred Nobel prizefor literature.·        Mother Teresa fought for a Nobel cause to bringpeace to the humanity.·        Helping poor and needy is a Nobel step shoulddevelop in life.


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