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10 Reasons Why Candidates Fail In SSB Interview

Guys this article is written by one of my Facebook friend and i really appreciate his work, he has used his experience in writing the reasons why candidates fails in SSB Interview. There may be different reasons for failure like i have explained below

1-Lack of Prior Preparation:

This is main problem that you go for your SSB Interview without Prior Preparation, Preparation gives you success and confidence. So before going for SSB Interview, Don’t leave the things on luck, give ample time to its preparation like current events, PI preparation, TAT and PPDT pictures practice, writing of SD at home and so on.

2-Lack of Confidence in youself:

Bring confidence in you and it can be done by doing excess practice and preparation, all the students standing there are equal and are there for selection. Have a confidence look yourself into mirror when you are getting prepared for SSB and say yes m looking good and I can do it.Have a confidence of “yes i can do it, and i have it in me”

3-Listen every one and Instructor carefully:

When you are there for Tasks, before every task they will describe the procedure and how the task will proceed you just need to open your ears and follow your instructor, You generally hear them with closed ears and when you are doing tasks you will either do wrong and will ask others how to do that.

4-Lack of honesty with yourself and with others:

If you are not honest with yourself then there is no use of going there, don’t hide anything with the IO as they are too smart that’s why they are there. Maintain your honesty threw the whole prcess and you will make it definitely.

5-Being over friendly with the interviewing officer:

The IO will try to become as much familiar as he can he will offer you tea, a glass of water and will ask u question as if he is your friend. Don’t be too much familiar with him as you are giving him a way to catch you, so be careful. He is taught to do so, he is expert in that. Be in limits answer logically and factually.

6-No knowledge about the surrounding:

You should know about your surroundings, surroundings means what have you done in 3-4 days where was you lacking like you may lack in courage and so on. Have a close eye on all candidates there and put facts in front of interviewer.

7-Dullness, non-enthusiastic attitude:

A person who is cheerful and enthusiastic is liked by all. Being cheerful shows positivity, whereas if you are dull and non-enthusiastic about things, it’ll reflect negativity. You need to be excited about the tasks, it should reflect from your attitude.

9-Bullying and overconfidence:

Forces is not the place where you can bully people. You need to understand that a good leader leads by example and motivates people instead of bullying them. You need to encourage your group, and not dominate them in order to appear like a real leader. Be in confidence but Not in over-confidence.

10-If you forget to smile: 

If you don’t smile you are taking unnecessary tension. People who forget to smile are likely to get nervous and thus mess up the things in which they could have performed well. So you need to take a break and smile. One old person has said “Keep smiling and you will be a officer one day”.

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 why candidate fails in ssb interviewMani Kapoor About the author:

Mani Kapoor, He is a serving candidate, seeking for ACC commission. He is now serving in 20 J& K riffle (infantry) and also preparing for his upcoming SSB Interview.

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