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Lecturette and Group Discussion Topic ~ How can the railways be improved

If you are going for your SSB Interview then you may be asked such questions like how the image of How can Condition of railways can be improved??: Lecturette and GD topics in SSBHow can Condition of railways can be improved??police can be improved or how railway conditions can be improved. prepare from this post i will be uploading more posts soon.

a) Privatization
b) Modernization
c) Strict Rules and Regulations

Railway is the biggest organization of the government. It employees nearly 20 lakh people. It runs 10.000 trains in a day. It has a railway network which 1 is spread over 63.000 km. It maintains 1560 stations. It is the biggest source of mass rapid transportation of public and goods from one part ofthe country to the other. It is pertinent and important that the railways is maintained in good health and provide good services to the public.


No railways in the world has been fully privatized because if that happens then the control of railways will slip into private hands and during national calamities the government may face severe problems in moving man power and goods. Even USA has not privatized its railways. However, there are some areas within the railways, which can be privatized, which will primarily be aimed to provide better service to the public. The parking lots in front of the stations can be privatized which will provide better parking facility, safety to vehicles and better maintains of the parking areas.

The advertisement around the station can be privatized as many people visit the station and it is also a good spot for advertising. The Control of the platform ticket can be given to private companies and such terms and conditions should be made. Whereby money generated can be used to maintain the station and keep it clean and tidy. The catering services on the train can be privatized so that better catering facilities are available during the journey similarly, the telephone service can also be privatized so that even during journey the passengers can remain in touch with their near and dear ones or conduct business.


Since independence we have continuously modernized the railways. From coal engine to an electric engine we have come a long way. We have continuously tried to lay the railway lines to reach backward areas. 1 he setting up of Konkan railways is a positive step in this direction. We have upgraded the railway from Meter gauge to broad gauge, which has reduced the travelling time considerably. We have a whole set of new equipment, which controls the train totally. When it moves from place A to place B like signals. Communication and better manning of railway crossing. Today we have modernized the ticketing system and passengers can very comfortably obtain their tickets from the computerized reservation centre across the country. Which has made travelling enjoyable and hassalfree, Out of the total railway budget a paltry some of only 2% was spent on modernization which leave much to desire where as the present requirement for infrastructure development was projected at 15000 crores last year. 

Strict Rules and Regulations. 

Railway is probably the only organisation of government, which is profit making. The Tata’s have always said give us the Railway sand we will lay the complete railway lines of gold yet every time the railway budget is discussed in the parliament there is noisy opposition. The biggest loss the Railways incure is through the ticketless travelling by people. There are some areas/states in our country where ticketless travelling is rampet and people derive pleasure in boosting about their ticketless travelling ventures. National Interest should always be kept in mind before one indulges in such activities, the government does make an attempt by sending flying squads to catch the defaulters however due to various reasons they are unable to curb such activities. One good idea would be that whenever a flying squad carries out its checking the doors of the train should be automatically locked. So that the clerical cadre does not over load them and prepare false bills have under loading. The law maintaining agency like the railway police should be trained, modernized and equipped with the latest equipment as they are the people who will be involved in maintaining the rules and regulation on ground and public dealing is always a difficult and delicate issue to handle.
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