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Questions & Answers asked by Preteek in Persnal Interview: Sample SSB Interview

Guys if you are thinking of Personal INterview in SSB, what types of Questions asked in SSB Interview and how should we answers in Persnal interview round in SSB, then go threw this post this will help you alot.
l.O.: Good Morning Prateek.Ch. No. 18: Good Morning Sir.I.O.: Please have a seat No. 18.Ch. No. 18: Thank you sir.
I.O.: So, Prateek you are from Meerut, tell me about Meerut.Ch. No. 18: Sir, Meerut is a district, located at 60 km distance from Delhi. Sir, historically Meerut is known as the Sasural of Ravana. Sir, it was also the initiator of revolt of 1857. It is also rich in tradition.I.O.: (interrupting) Ok Prateek now tell me about your education from class 8th? Tell me about your co-curricular activities and the games which you play?Ch. No. 18: Sir, I studied my 8th, 9th and 10th class from the same school, i.e. K.V. Sikh Lines, Meerut. Sir, I scored 90.8 percent in my matriculate with distinction in all the five subjects.I.O.: (interrupting) Prateek tell me your class 8th and 9th percentages also?Ch. No. 18: Sir, I scored 88 percent in my 8th class and 89 percent in my 9th class.I.O.: Ok Prateek, carry on.Ch. No. 18: Sir, I was an active participant in co-curricular activities in my school. I participated in Kabir Peace Mission in 8th class and stood first in my school.I.O.: (interrupting) What is this Kabir Peace Mission Prateek?Ch. No. 18: Sir, it is a quiz competition in which the questions are asked mainly on history, Ramayana and Mahabharata.I.O.: Ok, carry on Prateek, that’s why I think you know about Ravan’s Sasural?Ch. No. 18: Yes sir, besides this, I participated in Green Olympiad in 9tha and 8th class and stood second in school. Sir in this science quiz takes place. Sir I also participated in youth parliament in my 10th class in which school students make their own parliament. Besides that I also participated in debate and extempore in my 8th and 9th and 10th class consecutively and every time held and position. Sir I also participated in cricket team in my 9tha and 10th class at school level. I.O.: Prateek, you didn’t play even at regional level?Ch. No. 18: sorry sir, I put in my efforts buy still there were better players than me. Sir, after my 10th class, I switched over to Guru Tegh Bahadur Public School because there is scholar section in it which provides coaching in school time only for IIT and while studying for IIT we got to know the concepts more clearly, as I always wanted to have command over the concepts., sir there is participated in National Science Olympiad and also participated in volleyball team at school level.I.O.: Ok! That’s really nice Prateek, Ok now let’s move out to your family and teachers? Prateek tell me about your parents and teachers you like most and least? Friend you like most and least?Ch. No. 18: Sir, as far as my parents are considered, I really love them and they also take care me really well. Sir my father is an ex-service man; he is a real motivating force for me to join IAF. He is a very caring person. Sir, my mother is a housewife. She is really very emotional person that’s why I am also very emotional person. Sir about my favorite teacher, its Mrs. Summi Singh, she was my motivating force to join IAF; she really takes care of my all class. And Sir there is no teacher I hake, as I like every person. About my friends, I have a big friends circle. My best friend is Sudhanshu.I.O.: Prateek tell me about the qualities which you find in friends and what are the qualities in yourself which attracted them towards you?Ch. No. 18: Sir, Sudhanshu is a very good person. He always helps me. Sudhanshu has very similar likings to that of mine so we understand each other really very well. And sir about me, I think I am a friend who is always there of my friends whenever they need help.I.O.: Ok, Prateek do you have any girlfriend?Ch. No. 18: No sir, I don’t have any girlfriend?I.O.: Why? You are studying in a co-education school still you are not having any girlfriend. Why?Ch. No. 18: Sir, my first target is to achieve my aim to get into Air Force. After that I will consider these things. Moreover, girlfriends need very large amount of money to be spend over them and I am not spend thrift.I.O.: That’s true Prateek; they really need a huge amount of money. Ok, tell me about your more friends? What do you in your leisure time with your friends?Ch. No. 18: Sir besides Subhanshu, there are Prashant, and Arvind, we have discussions on various topics. In leisure time we also go to watch movies also, but we watch only social issue based movies? Sir.I.O.: Ok, Prateek these two girls Indra and Pooja never attracted you towards them?Ch. No. 18: No sir, we are just friends and nothing more, and no one of us has this type of feeling on our minds.I.O.: Ok, Prateek now tell me about your one good and one bad quality?Ch. No. 18: Sir, in my good qualities, I really very soon understand the expectation of others which they have from me, that’s why I easily adjust with everyone, and in my bad qualities, I am bit short tempered, Sir which I want to improve and working on it.I.O.: Ok, Prateek tell me about any instance where you’re this bad quality rose up?Ch. No. 18: Sir, once we were having group discussion and suddenly they, my friends Sudhanshu and Prashant, started cracking jokes on me and I loose my temper after some time and got back to my home. After that they called me and make me understand that it’s not good and also said they will not repeat if I don’t like. (The Interviewing Officer tried best to loosen my temper.)I.O.: Ok, Prateek now tell me about your hobbies and interests?Ch. No. 18: Sir, in my hobbies there are photography, reading, and feeding birds. And as my interests are considered there are visiting orphanages and watching F-1 races.I.O.: Ok, Prateek how do you feed birds and perform photography.Ch. No. 18: Sir, everyday I put on some water and rice top of my roof to feed the birds. And in photography, wherever there is in any function in my family I perform the role of photographer, and whenever I got to any tour I took photographs of natural scenes. And also when there is rainy season and clouds are there, I also take those pictures.I.O.: Ok, Prateek what about you’re reading?Ch. No. 18: Sir, I read newspaper The Times of India, read two magazines namely India today and Competition Success Review. I also read short stories of Sherlock Holmes and novels of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.I.O.: Ok, Prateek what about this hobby visiting orphanage, it’s really very-very strange.Ch. No. 18: sir, I have hobby of visiting orphanages as I want to help the kids who have no parents and also I want to help the country with its future. Sir, I visit Jyotini an orphanage twice a month. Sir, I take candies for them and teach them some lessons for some time. They also pay respectable attention to me.I.O.: Ok, Prateek but what about the rag pickers, who are there on roads, aim and they the future of the country?Ch. No. 18: Sir, they are the future. But as I am not having so much power to take these kids to my home from roads. I try to help them on roads only by providing them with food and meal instead of giving them money which is always contributed in the circle of this evil practice.I.O.: Good Prateek, ok do you know about the Paraguay why is it famous?Ch. No. 18: Sir, Paraguay is a country in South America and it is famous for Pampa’s grassland in South America (I was not sure why it was famous).I.O.: Ok, do you know about Article 370?Ch. No. 18: Yes sir, in this the law passed by Union Government are applicable to all states except J&K where it is applicable only when it passed by assembly of J&K.I.O.: Ok, tells me about naxalites?Ch. No. 18: Sir these are SC and ST people who criticize the government policies and demand for special rights for SC and ST. But the path adopted by them of violence is not correct.I.O.: Ok, thank you Prateek, and all the best for your conference?Ch. No. 18: Thanks you sir. (Shook hands when I was coming out.)I.O.: Prateek, I thought that I was talking to a member of NGO. That’s good.Ch. No. 18: Thank you sir.


Prateek is well prepared and has a capacity to take on the questions aimed at him at a fast track. The answer have been given confidently, clearly, logically to the best of his ability and approach. Prateek has been able to maintain a cheerful disposition during the interview process. He has been frank, understanding and tactful while answering difficult question. He has a sound knowledge about his subject and confident to answer the question put at a rapid speed. He has a good sense of humor and can maintain his cheer during interview. His general awareness is of high order and can take on any question related to current events and general profile in school. He is the appropriate student to be selected for the job. 
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