Guys if you are preparing for group Discussion on influence of parents, teachers and friends on a child then you are at right place i am uploading a article on it, it may help you in your SSB Interview (In Group Discussion/Lecturette)and for General Questions.
As a small child my teachers taught me the basic alphabetsof English- A,B,C………….but my parents told me that A Stands for Attitude, B forBehavior and C for Character. When I repeated the same words to my friends theywere all impressed. From a child to an adult the importance ofparents/teachers/friends keeps changing. I feel that these are like parts of atree, where one is the main trunk, the second is the branches and the third islike the leaves of the tree. All play an important role in shaping a child. Theaim should be that at the end of the day a person should grow up to be a good.


             Parents leave a huge influenceupon a child-like son or mama’s baby are the words we often hear. A childlearns more by imitation than by imparting or information. The life style ofthe parents determines his thinking and his actions. If he likes theirlifestyle he imitates them if he does not like he reacts against them. Bothways he influenced by them. Take the case of Rahul Gandhi, Gagan Ajit Singh,Hritik Roshan who were much influence by their parents. I firmly believe thatparents influence a child. The atmosphere at home, the customs and traditionswhich they follow, the things they like, the persons they meet, the professionthey pursue, the books they read and games they play becomes an integral partof child’s life. Sometimes parents are blinded by their affection for thechild, so they try to appease instead of guiding him. One must remember thesaying- Spare the rod and spoil the child.


               Teachers influence a child during his formative days. A teacher to aschool going child is an embodiment of knowledge, a dispenser of informationand superior to an ordinary person, he reposes full faith in him. So ateacher’s word for a subject is gospel truth and his statements beyondcriticism. A teacher’s appreciation is a source of pride and scolding acorrective measure. Such a person is sure to leave his imprint on a mind whichis passing through an impressionable stage. He imitates, follows and listens toa teacher. However, a teacher’s relation with his students is formal and notintimate. A teacher looks upon a student only as a student and a studentconsiders him nothing more than a teacher. If a teacher is strict, majority ofconsiders him nothing more than a teacher. If a teacher is strict, majority ofthe students do not like him and if he is lenient, students do not bother abouthim. In both the cases a student is not influenced by the teacher. A teacherleaves the child after school but his teaching is remembered for the rest ofthe life.


               WilliamWordsworth said “God has given us relatives but thanks god we can choose ourown friends”. When you study and work together you are sure to be influenced.There is a chasm of formality which keeps the teacher and the parents at adistance from the child. They do not get involved in the affairs of the child.Indulgence of the parents and the mechanical attitudes of the teachers keespthe child immune form influences. A child can not share his concern for manyproblems with his parents and teachers. But he can share his feeling with hisfriends thus consciously or unconsciously friends are influenced by each other.However, in today’s world friends and friendship is a matter of convenience andnot intimacy. Friends are friends till their interests do not clash. Similarlyfriends stand on equal footing as far as one’s intellectual capabilities areconcerned and one may not make such a person an ideal to be followed. A goodfriend may encourage, may help an0064 may suggest but leaves mild influence.Others leave us but friends never leave us and the list of friends keepsgrowing.
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