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Introduction,Purpose, Eligibility, Process and preparation Techniques for EKT exam

Complete Overview and Preparation Techniques for EKT examEKT for AFCAT: Complete Overview            Today I was doing research on EKTExam procedure and details, I visited many sites but I

found little or less infoeverywhere, so I decided to write a complete overview of EKT exam with itspurpose, eligibility, process, syllabus and preparation tips and methodology ofexam.

What isEKT Test?

            EKT stands for Engineering KnowledgeTest, it is conducted after AFCAT (2014 onwards). Test is of 30/45 minute andare given by those who opt for technical branches i.e. Flying ,technical andGDOC. This exam was conducted earlier and was of one hour it has now been optedagain and will be of half hour.

Purposeof EKT exam:

1.     Many experts feel that the introduction ofEngineering Knowledge Test has come at right time as IAF needs to compete withother leading countries with the day to day modernization. EKT of AFCAT examwill prove as a boon for IAF’s future.

2.     They not only making your officer but givingyou the opportunity to do something in technical field. EKT can only be thepoint of testing your Engineering skills.

Eligibilityfor EKT Exam:

            Candidate, who have qualified forAFCAT exam and applying for technical branches are eligible for EKT Exam. Noother special Eligibility is needed to be eligible for exam.

Processfor EKT exam:

            Process is not so clear as it wasmentioned earlier that question paper will be of 30 minutes but according tolast exam.

1.     Total question 50

2.     Time given 45 min

3.     Maximum marks 150

4.     Negative marking: yes

5.     Subject: Electrical andelectronics, mechanical and Computer Science and Engineering.

Syllabus and Scheme forEKT Exam:

            For complete Computer Science EKT syllabus: Click here

            For Electrical and Electronics EKT syllabus: Click Here

            For Mechanical Engineering EKT Syllabus: Click here

 PreparationTechniques for EKT:

  • ·        Firstly I want to say that you are engineeringstudents like me, you have the capabilities of reading the whole book in night.God has gifted you capabilities of doing miracles. Any finally most of youfeels that you are weak at technical side.
  • ·        No need to worry for that just relax pick a bookthat can give you over view of your branch and if you have done engineeringwith efforts then no one can stop you to qualify EKT exam. Pick your subject booksand have a overview. There is no particular syllabus decided officially so youcan study basics things first. I have tried to put a syllabus for EKT and thatyou can find above.
  • ·        For those who are weaker at technical side justpick any of books available in market, like Arihant publication is providing a separatebook for practice, and also if you are having any GATE Preparation material orbook then it is also sufficient.
  • ·        One of my friend told me that, he had a book ofGATE preparation-GK publication you may have heard about that. If you have it,it is best.
  • ·        And for those engineers who have less knowledgeand their luck is high, I will say go in your way no one can stop you again.

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