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Errors that aspirants do while attempting PPDT and TAT in SSB?

What are the general errors made in PPDT and TAT in SSBErrors you Do in PPDT and TATToday i was talking to my friend and she was asking me, how she can write error free story in Picture Perception and Description Test in SSB. I just told him to write a story on pictures that ihave provided in post and send me. After writing she send me the story. That was not a bad story rather but it was not a good one. Now let me tell you the general errors which which you do while writing a PPDT and TAT( Thematic appreciation Test) story. 

Errors you should not do:

  • Firstly, Don’t go off-track most of the aspirants go off-track while writing a story, for example we have seen 2 peoples standing near a dead body in a room and you just started writing about the dead body, that a commando has been died and make full story on commando and war and bla bla…You will have to start with a Firing name, which you will give to your story hero and the you have to write the picture description in two or three lines like what is room scenario, who one is there and how the things look like in room it will be written based on your perception.
  • Secondly, Aspirants take their story in past, why boys live in present past is past. Like you are shown a scene of 2 boys going to forest. Write like this- It is a pleasant morning and Ram has decided to go into forest for his survey on forest animals.
  • Thirdly, make a problem in story and let it solve by your hero, For example, Sometime you are shown accident scene then write like this- Ram is a social worker, It is Monday and he is going to college, Suddenly he saw a man has stuck with a bus, he rushed toward it. There has lots of crowd gathered.
  • Write like this starting 2 lines for past which will tell what had happened. Then, 2 take your story in present which shows solution of that problem. And then 2 lines for bright future of hero if u like, Most of you like to write bright future in 4-5 lines and they don’t even write about problem solution. So please avoid it.
  • Don’t write bad about anything specially for persons if u can’t see in image. Most of aspirants have habit of killing peoples in war or in road accident, please limit it to a accident, illness and heat exhaustion problem and Remember this problem should be rectified by your story hero in present tense and then write bright future of hero in future but in 2 lines.
  • As you have seen a PPDT or TAT image do write what u have seen in image, not on your behalf but write like this, for example a person is standing in front of mirror- Ram is getting ready for his interview, after taking bath and wearing clothes he stand in front of mirror, he is saying  himself he that he is looking good to boost his confidence
  • Generally aspirants not write more than 6-7 line, its bad try to write 10 lines or more increase your story length.
  • For more info please read my tips to write a PPDT or TAT story in my Previous post.
  • Also i have provided post how to analyse PPDT picture, and tips to write good stories. Read my all post on blog thanks.

Advice to all** If you want to really want improvements i have provided many PICTURES and Sample Stories, Do write your Sample story in Comment i will check it and mark errors.
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