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Importance of Good Time Management and How to do it?

“We all have time to either spend or waste andit is our decision what

to do with it.But once passed,it is goneforever.” – Bruce Lee (“Zen

in the Martial Arts” byJoe Hyams)

Starting with the most valuable aspect of winningstrategy in SSB Time Management gets the first priority. Every individual onearth has the same amount of time – 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in anhour, 1,440 minutes in a day, and 525,600 minutes in a year. But a die heartaspirant makes it through in this period while other struggle to do so. What isthe reason? Why they, NOT YOU?

How to do time management in SSB InterviewEffective Time Management in SSB
Answer to this, lie on the fact how determined youare towards your passion as there is always a way when there is will. How soever busy schedule you may have but if you want to make it through you haveto make it through.This is an usual attitude of a recommended candidate in SSB. TimeManagement is all about making the best output using the most valuable andundervalued- resource.It is setting priorities and taking charge of thesituation and time utilization. An officer is one who can take responsibility, holdstrategic position, fight tougher but all under a well planned and time managedarena. This is the only technique to defeat the enemy your best shot, rivalswrong time.

How to Deal with Time Management in SSB?

So now important thing come into mind is how tolearn Time Management. No deal it is very simple but you have to stick over itand you will stick on to it, if you think YOU HAVE IT IN YOU.First thing foreffective Time Management is prioritizing your work and stick to it. It may beyour college time,Office time but if you have given priority to SSB preparationget on to it, clear a stack of time for it what so ever.

  • Make notes for revision purpose to save last minuterush, it also enhances confidence if you are well prepared before time.
  • Secondly, Practice home-made interview questionsfrom every thread of your life and give timed response to it.
  • Solve cubes, puzzles to make brain sharper as quickas possible.
  • Write psychology test of SSB i.e. SRT,WAT,SD,TAT indesired time. These all will help you in your SSB.
  • Make quality time tables and always carry To-Do listin your cell, use your free time preciously and always be ready for irregularitiesof the day.
  • Plan your whole day and add necessary To-Do ineveryday time table.Spend time in conversations which though increases yourspeaking flow without spending extra time on it. And another benefit of it youget to know about yourself, your thinking mechanism and about your thought process.
  • Lastly, make smarter decisions faster, uncoverbetter options ,work in a team or build one having same passion as you have.

Conclusion: To conclude it would be better to say no one getssuccess on their 1st trip always. Regular hard work and updatingplans always help. Success never knocks your door twice so let us work harderand smarter to knock Success down in no time.And as always said repeatedly thatthereare no shortcuts to success. As shortcuts introduces qualities in youforshorter span of time whereas assessors at SSB find “lambi race ka ghoda”.  So start Utilizing time and make effectivetime management to reachyour goal.Best Wishes.

 Shubham BhombeShubham Bhombe

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Shubham Bhombe, He is a 19 year old B.Tech student at VIT University, Vellore. A hard core aspirant of Indian Army. Like spending time to help aspirants for SSB preparation. Hobbies are to read, write and play football and the only aim is to join IMA, Dehradun.

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