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Word Association Test with Answers : Test Set 6

I have also provided the methods to tackle negative words and other best WAT formation rules, you can refer to these posts for more details and knowledge.Read WAT practice set 5.Today i am providing more WAT words for your better practice, also there are more than one positive sentence over each word. The best way to score more in Word Association Test in SSB is to Practice more and more WAT words and review the sentence you have made. You can write your assignment in my comment box below and i will check your sentence and suggest you improvements. In my previous posts i have provided introduction to WAT and Formation rules you can read basic introduction and formation rules there.
WAT Practice set 6 with pdf:


  • India share good relations with its neighbours.
  • SAARC summit, play a vital role to improve situation in SouthAfrica.
  • China is not a trusted neighbour in the present scenario.


  • Rabindra Nath Tagore was conferred Nobel prize forliterature.
  • Mother Teresa fought for a Nobel cause to bring peace to ehhumanity.
  • Helping poor and needy is a Nobel step, should develop inlife.


  • Amaranth Yatra is a historic journey as per the epics inHindu mythology.
  • Journey to moon in Apollo shuttle brought the first humanlanding on the planet; Neil Armstrong was the first human being to land on moonfollowed by Adwin Aldrin and John Glenn.
  • Journey to Vaishno Devi Temple is very fascinating andaspiring.


  • India is planning to send its manned mission into space in2015.
  • Space exploration is an old science in Hindu mythology.
  • Time and space waits for none.


  • China is showing signs of timidity in dealing with Tibetissue.
  • Timid action by Pakistani rangers resulted in failure of theKargil operations. India is proud to beat back such operations.
  • Be bold, do not be timid and take life as it comes.


  • Brain-Drain is caused by the fascination of glamorous life ofthe west.
  • Glitter and glamour is the hallmark of the bollywoodindustry.
  • Actors live a glamorous life.


  • Bachendri Pal is the first lady to climb Mt. Everest.
  • Never loose height in mountains, follow the unwritten law andyou will always succeed in difficult missions.
  • Fighting back poverty is like a mountain in front of the nation,should beat back at the earlier.


  • A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is the father of missile programme in India.
  • Mahatma Gandhi is the father of the nation.
  • Father is a pillar of strength in the family.


  • India and France strengthened its nuclear pact duringPresident Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit to India.
  • Human resource is a great strength for a great nation likeIndia.
  • Indian army excels in number, it is the third largest in theworld.


  • Indian army is known for the strategy of defence in war likesituations.
  • Defence of our nation is vital to safeguard the humanity andthe people.
  • Defence against seasonal diseases is a difficult preposition.


  • Population explosion is a cause to the society.
  • Society make the people strong, we have to fight of thesolidarity of the nation.
  • Society is responsible to arrest the crime against the women.


  • Peace and prosperity is advocated by our great nation andgreat people like Mahatma Gandhi.
  • It is essential to bring peace in Pakistan for progress ofSouth Asia.
  • Peace and prosperity is required amongst nations to fightback terrorism in the present day.


  • The novel A White Tiger,by Arvind Adiga won the booker’s prize.
  • Arundhati Roy is great novelist, booker’s prize recipient andalso fighting for the cause of the Maoist and helping government to settle theissue.


  • William Wordsworth is a great poet; he is famous for hisoutstanding performance in poetry.
  • The literature in form of encyclopedias written by pt. JawaharlalNehru is a great contribution to the Indian society and the people.
  • Shakespeare won lot of laurels in English Literature.


  • Tornado Wilma, Rita was great setback for the Americans inthe coastal areas, resulting in death of large number of people.
  • The untimely death of Princess Diana was setback to thepeople all over the world.
  • Captain Manoj Talwar laid down his life for the nation duringKargil operation and became a martyr to serve as an example to the youth of thenation.


  • India and Bangladesh obeyed its trade pact signed betweennations.
  • Children should obey the parents for their growth anddevelopment.
  • Obey the elders and take the blessings for brighter life.


  • Terrorist attack in Mumbai and the ghastly scene at the HotelTaj was a setback to the intelligence network.
  • Jammu and Kashmir has scenic beauty
  • The scene of terrorist action during 9/11 at the World TradeCentre was a great set back to the Americans.


  • India started cutting its prime lending rates to tackleeconomic crisis.
  • Problem of terrorism should be tackled collectively at theinternational arena.
  • Tackling illiteracy is an essential for the growth of thepeople.

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