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Day 1 At SSB Center
What Happens in OIR Test SSB

Officer Intelligence Rating Test in SSB: Process and IntroductionOIR TEST in SSBOfficerIntelligence Rating or OIR is a test of intelligence of a candidate. This testcomprises of two test booklets, each booklet have around 40 (sometimes 50)questions for which you will be given 17 Minutes time (will increase for 50questions). You must try to solve all question in the given time.

Generally candidates talksunnecessarily about marking scheme of OIR that is if that much questions arecorrect then OIR 1 or so. But you must avoid any such talk as you can’t controlthese things but you can surely control your performance so focus on that.

No. of Questions in each Booklet – 40

Time for each Booklet – 17 Minutes

The Questions in this test areso easy that even a 10th grade student would be too smart to do all of themcorrectly, but time is the factor which matters the most so match up yourselfwith time limit.

There is No Negative markingin this test.

                “Watchis not allowed in any test at Service Selection Boards.”

You must listen to each andevery instruction given by the Person who is conducting your test, beforeactual test starts they will also conduct a practice test to make you familiarwith the test.

Below, We are providing someTopics with example on which questions are asked in Service Selection Boardsbut we will be providing only one example for each type of question you mustpractice more questions to expertise yourself in this test.

Alphabetical ordering of words

In this test you will be givenfew words which you have to arrange in an alphabetical order and tell whichletter would come in starting or in last.

Q. Arrange the following words in alphabetical orderand state the number of the word which will come last.

       1.Boy      2.Rat      3.Fun      4.Mix

A. 2

Jumble Words

You will be given a word inwhich the alphabet’s position is changed and you have to rearrange thealphabets and find out a meaningful word from that word.

Q. Find out a meaning full word from the below givenword.

       nsimaej  (Hint:It is a white coloured flower)

A. Jasmine

Similarity of Cubes

You will be shown two cubes,in which you can rotate the cubes in your mind and find weather two cubes aresimilar or not, If the cubes are similar then write YES inyour answer sheet else NO.

Q. Findweather two cubes are similar or not?. Write Yes in your answer sheet if theyare similar and write No it they are not similar.


Pattern Finding

In this type of questions youwill be given two Group of cubes A and B both will be having a pattern and fromthe answer you have to find which cube belongs to Group A. Group B is given tohelp you to find the cube.

Q. Whichone of the following cubes which are given below can possibly belong to Group A?

OIR TEST in SSB INterview: Day 1OIR TEST in SSB INterview
A. 2

Word Substitution

A sentence will be given toyou with an underlined word and among the given choices you have to select thatoption which can best possibly replace the underline word, it is similar tosynonyms.

Q. From the four options which one can replaces theunderline word without changing the meaning of the sentence.

       The Doctor Assisted thepatient to recover from his illness.

     1.Restricted      2.Distracted      3.Obeyed      4.Helped

A. 4

Factual Questions

In this type of question’s youwill be given a statement which is in form of a fact/opinion and you have tojudge weather this statement is True, False or Absurd.

Q. India has its majority of population depended onIndustrial Production

      1.True      2.False      3.Absurd

A. (Indiahas majority of population dependent on agricultural production)

Statement followed by 4options

You will be given a Statementfollowed by four options and you have to decide which option best suits the givenstatement.

Q. Modern examination system is not so efficientbecause

      1. It does not allowsstudents to copy during exam.

      2. Students can’t usebooks during their examination.

      3. It has some internaldefects and the examination does not reflected the true potential of thestudents.

      4. Good looking studentsdon’t gets any preference.

A. 3

Number Sequence

Q. How many 6’s are there in the following sequencewhich are followed by 3 and preceded by 8?

      5  4  8  6  3  2  7  1  8  6  8  9  8  1  3  6  8  9  0  8  6  3  1  3  6  8  4  3  2  3  5

     A.4      B.5      C.2      D.3

A. C

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