Hello SSB Aspirants, this is an Sample PPDT practice set on A BIG QUEUE IN EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE. This is a part of PPDT Practice set , which may come across during your SSB Psychological TAT or on SSB Screening PPDT. I have also uploaded many sample psychological PPDT and TAT stories for your preparation earlier. Practice more and more for better practice.

Sample PPDT / TAT Story

 Manoj saw a long queue in an employment exchange. He knew that people were struggling for the jobs. Many of them were getting the jobs very late. Manoj was aware about the policies of the Government for disinvestment and privatization of various public sector undertakings, which caused further reduction in the government jobs. He assessed the situation and decided to open a good school, where he could make a good use of his skill and managerial aptitude. Manoj took loan to arrange for the school building and required infrastructure to run the school up to XII class initially. He appointed the competent teachers and gave publicity about the school. He got good response. Manoj also started job oriented computer training as compulsory from the coming years, which also attracted quite a good number of students to join. He also ensured good facilities, studies, standard and effective management in the school to develop the traits of personality of students and make them potential to compete any leading examinations. His expectation became true. Many students cleared leading competitions, which enhanced the reputation of the school even more. His school came up as a reputed school in that area. Manoj could establish a good self-employment as well as his image in the society. 
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