SSB Interview~ Sample TAT Stories Sets for Practice

Hello SSBAspirants, We are updating our TAT section with Sample TATStories for better practice of Psychological Test to beconducted in SSB Interview. Most of the aspirants continuously askabout Sample Practice Sets and How to write TAT stories in SSBInterview. We have named this section as PRO TAT section. Your commentsare most welcome and we will provide a feedback to improve your stories. 
SAMPLE TAT IMAGE 25 SSB INTERVIEWSAMPLE TAT IMAGE 25Sample TAT story for SSB Interview:Joy was posted at a forward post at Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir as Company Commander. The area was known for the infiltration and enemy attacks. He was given this responsibility to bring down the infiltration attempts and also carry out strict actions for those caught in this activities. Joy knew from intelligence sources that the enemy had advanced towards his area, made tactical defense, stored huge arms, ammunition and explosive in our territory near the border. He also knew about the plan of the enemy to attack our posts. Joy alerted his troops. He briefed about the situation and his plan. He motivated his men to teach the lesson to the enemy.Joy moved towards enemy along with his men, materials, equipment, arms, ammunition and also the explosives. His plan was to attack heavily during midnight by giving surprise. He accordingly attacked the enemy with planned strategy and destroyed enemy’s posts. Joy and his troop made enemy to run away from his area. He  informed his commanding officer about his victory, who also expressed his pleasure. Joy returned to his camp joyfully.
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