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Dealing with studentswho fail in education and counseling them
It is common to face failure along with growth.In fact, failure is considered as the stepping stone to success. People usuallyend up reaching this wrong conclusion that failure is something which onlystudents in schools or colleges face. But the fact is that there exists failurein life as well and that is not based on the tests or exams what they write inthe schools. In fact, this thought that failure only occurs in school can alsobe considered as the failure in a person’s ability to think so. There are several reasons why students fail in theirexaminations or tests. Such failures usually lead the students to drop out fromthe colleges and giving up on their educational life. If the reasons why thestudent has failed is not analysed and taken care of, then this can graduallyend up having high illiteracy rates.
Reasons why studentsfail in EducationFew reasons why students fail in their education are:●      One of the basic reasons why students fail intheir education should be considered as their inability to judge things fastand cope up with their studies. In a classroom full of students there arestudents with different abilities and talents. Few may catch up things easilywhereas for the rest few may require time to understand what is happening and howto get through them. The teacher must be aware of the student’s abilities andmust be able to guide them on the correct track. If the student findsdifficulty in coping up on time they might ultimately give up and this can leadthem in dropping out of schools or colleges. But, with good support and guidefrom teachers, parents and others around the students, they can definitelysucceed in their goal. Teachers who usually go for education degree will knowhow to bring students on track. This is why the demand for
online educationdegrees is increasing.●      Another reason can be due to the lack ofconfidence they possess. Students with lack of confidence find it difficult tosucceed in their lives. To pursue your goals or reach any high position in lifeyou must be confident. Students must be supported and given confidencethroughout their difficult times. Students, who have the tendency to quit soon,should always have someone to encourage them. Parents can be the best people toencourage a kid and so do the teachers. The first thing what they have to do isto teach the student that they cannot achieve anything in the blink of an eye.They’ll need their own time to understand things and solve them especially whenthey are learning new skills. Let them make sure that they start with littlesteps rather than giving a direct entry to complex methods. And let them alsomake sure that they are on time with their work.●      A student having the fear to even start up withtheir work is also a very common problem and this one of the major reasons whystudents fail. Even before they start up with the task they are scared ofstarting it or even continuing it. This ultimately leads them to give up evenbefore they start their work. They unnecessarily think of how they can finishtheir work on time or what will happen if they make some mistake. All thesethoughts of fear can result in not only being a failure in exams or any tasksbut also their life. Students who are intelligent and are well in studies, finddifficulty in passing their examination due to their unnecessary fear and lackof confidence. 
Why students requirecounselling?Students require counselling to be on the right track. All the reasonsmentioned above for a student to fail in their education can be over lookedonly through counselling. Students can open up and speak out their issueswithout any fear. This can give them some relief from the problems they gothrough. They can also find solutions to the issues they face.Counselling will help the students know where exactly they havegone wrong and this can help them rectify their mistakes. Continuouscounselling in schools and colleges help the student stay confident and fightfor their goal without giving up. Students can build their confidence level andcan keep away their fear by undergoing continuous sessions of counselling.Counselling will be more effective if done by the parents or theteacher, as the students are more comfortable around people they know well.There are many people who study psychology and then start their career asteachers. For others who have passion to pursue psychology and counselling,they look for the best online counsellingcolleges to get a degree in counselling. Students require motivation to come up in life. Motivation canhelp students build courage so that they can take initiative for taking upresponsibilities so that they can develop their leadership qualities.Counsellors motivate students and help them build courage.

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