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If you are a defence aspirant than you can contribute your experience and guidance to others through SSBMADEEASY. Before you get confuse, do check how others have shared their valuable knowledge here.  

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Guest post topics:

Have something else on your mind ? As far as its relevant to SSBMADEEASY ,just send it to me. 
Here are few examples of what could be these articles.

  • Anything related to SSB Interview.
  • Regarding Different entries in defence forces
  • On Psychological tests
  • On GTO tasks
  • On Personal Interview
  • Articles on Indian Army, Air Force and Navy.
  • Difference WAT, TAT and Group Planning Exercise posting.
  • Anything about Indian Defence which helps aspirants.
  • If you have something new, tell us too. 

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  • Whole credit 
  • Reputation 
  • Can promote your own blogs and websites

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